4 Smart Marketing tips for your web hosting business

4 Smart Marketing tips for your web hosting business

Not happy with your web hosting service provider?

4 Smart Marketing tips for your web hosting business

4 Smart Marketing tips for your web hosting business

Many major brands are working on smart marketing so that they can increase visibility, brand awareness, and sales. Brands are constantly paying millions of dollars in the market to promote their products and market their logo in competitive regions. Smart marketing is an essential tool for reputed companies because it keeps them relevant in the offline or online market.

Beginners do not have the luxury to learn secrets & methodologies of brands Smart Marketing tactics. Today, we are going to unveil Small Business Marketing, which attracts thousands of people in the get-go. Consider it as smart marketers guide hosting, so affiliate marketers can start making money from day one.

Objective of marketing

Every campaign or individual has objectives or goals in mind, so they can start marketing the products. It wouldn’t hurt for the beginners to learn from scratch.

  • Reach: A product or a service doesn’t get leads or sales until or unless the right clients or customers learn about them. I can list millions of small business out there, who failed to increase leads or sales because no one knows about them.
  • Acquisition: Customer Acquisition Cost is a marketing cost per customer that campaigner has to spend on it. While marketing a product or a service, you have to figure out how much it would cost to close a sale. Figuring it out is a difficult problem, but it’s worth to spend a few bucks on it.
  • Retention: Keeping the existing customers on the platform is an important aspect of the entire campaign. Companies that let go of a customer more likely to go out of business. Create different options for an existing base to renew the product and stay with you!
  • Conversion: Let us assume that you have made 100 cold calls for sales, and you ended up with five leads, then the conversion rate is 5%.

The reality of Smart Marketing:

Smart Marketing is a combination of unique approach + value-added services + simplicity. Of course, there are other essential elements that I have not mentioned because it differs from product to product.

Hosting features that matter for smart marketing

The masses want realistic figures on the product, so always be frank & honest about the information. Do not pass on information that can ruin the company’s name later on. New customers should not get disappointed at any cost or else; you might end up having a low retention rate.

  • Specifications: In the web hosting industry, there is a minimum requirement to offer in shared or managed packages.

Processor: Minimum 1-core processor.


Storage (SSD): 20GB.

Backup: Fully Automated.

Panel: cPanel or custom panel.

Unique Add-ons: No one can deny that people live extra free stuff added to the package like SSL Certificate, Domain protection, or any other relevant service.

  • Cost: Budget-friendly cost + high-quality service always wins. Majority of the customers do not have enough funds to spend on an expensive package, so they rather choose a budget-friendly company.
  • Performance: Search Engine is demanding highly responsive servers and speed loading sites.
  • PageSpeed: Website administrators must work on-site optimization, and it is mandatory for developers to look into it. An un-optimized site cannot blame the slow loading speed on a web hosting company. You can try Google’s PageSpeed tool and Pingdom tool for further information.
  • Data Center: A provider doesn’t suggest customers on locations, and it is the responsibility of the site administrator to figure out. Of course, there is an option to select data centres for better performance and loading speed.
  • Uptime: Visitors can show up on the site any given time, so the website should be ready. Server uptime is a contributing factor in increasing leads, so do not miss uptime from the list.
  • Management & Support: Web hosting consists of non-reachable servers and technical process. A customer cannot spend time on fixing it on their own because it’s nearly impossible. A server is a combination of hardware and software, and anything can go wrong. Customer care is an essential part of the business or else, or else, it might end in days of non-responsive servers. Most of the web hosting provider’s offer setting up & installation services, and it is part of a business.

Moving a website from one web hosting account to another requires professional assistance to avoid files lost. I have seen several managements offering free Migration Assistance. Updating necessary files from time-to-time is a contributing factor towards hardening security and strengthening firewall.

Marketing Measure influenced by Hosting decisions

Millions of people are using email marketing strategy as part of their ultimate plan. I am going to talk about some existing strategies that made a modern company into a BRAND.

  • Ranking: Nothing can match organic traffic in the history of an online business. Paid promotions might gain a few moments of glory on search engines, but it doesn’t reflect organic search engine visitors’ value. Of course, SEO is a tough job as search engines are getting complicated. Nowadays, mobile marketing is a trending subject, and it is a good option for newcomers in the market. Overall speaking, ranking a website on the first page of search engines can prove effective compared to paid promotions.
  • Traffic: You might have come across phrases such as “Traffic that converts into paying customers” at least once in a lifetime. Basically, websites have proven over the years that good products or services can convert visitors into paying customers. Do not try to oversell products or services, but create packages according to the needs of customers and also add a custom package.
  • Conversions: As a Smart Marketing individual, it is extremely difficult to convince visitors to purchase a product or service from you. In such complicated cases, in-depth details on the packages & services come in handy. People love transparency, and you cannot list down features & functions without explaining about them. Anyone can achieve greater conversion by applying different methods over time.
  • Repeat Business: I have witnessed several companies hiring new employees to work on sales. Instead of paying employees for taking for the existing ones, they spend money on getting new ones on the platform. Never let customers go away from the company, and retaining them is an important aspect. Successful Smart Marketing campaigns always pay attention to existing customers and their needs. The money should not stop coming from existing customers, so focus on serving the existing ones.
  • Trust: Winning the trust of people is not an easier task than done. Never breach customers trust, and it is a key aspect of a business.
  • Uptime: Would you pay for a service that doesn’t work properly? I wouldn’t, and downtime is a deal-breaker. Internet is a transparent world, and anyone can write an honest review, which can destroy the reputation. Always provide 100% server uptime services and deliver it.
  • Uncovering Bugbears: I have seen customers willing to pay a high price to avoid certain things, and if you can achieve them as part of the services, then success is on the way.
  • Blacklist Emails: A capable spam folder needed for spam emails received by website administrator on the official webmail.
  • Search Ranking Penalized: Let us focus on the main subject, where the website administrator has to pay a huge price once in a while. Shared web hosting consists of multiple accounts on a single server, which results in one IP address. Let us assume that a single server is an apartment and it has one hundred flats available in it. The entire reputation of the apartment hold in the hands of the occupants and a single mistake can ruin. It doesn’t matter if other members of the apartment involve in it or not. Criticism falls upon other members of the apartment, and it applies to web hosting accounts hosted on one IP address. Encourage new customers to purchase a dedicated IP address to avoid penalization.
  • Terrible User Experience: I am going to list a good experience below, and you can imagine the opposite of the list.
  1. Highly responsive customer care.
  2. The company delivers promises mentioned on the site.
  3. The 99.99% uptime delivered!
  4. I get attractive discounts during the renewal of the existing packages.

I have mentioned four good aspects of a web hosting provider and you can re-imagine opposite version of these.

Bottom Line

Smart Marketing should always be based on realistic promises and deliver what promised on the packages information. Remember, unique marketing will always work on several occasions, but do not lose sight of Quality + Value added services + Affordable + Customer support.

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