5 Things can make your website design outstanding 1

5 Things can make your website design outstanding

Every now then, while we are browsing the internet, we end of visiting various websites, whether it may be a social networking site, news site, travel site or a blog, etc, the first thing, which catches our eye is the design and the layout of the site.

If a website doesn’t have a good layout then there’s a minor chance that anyone could consider staying on it for a long duration of time. So, if you are someone, who’s having a blog or a site, and you are looking to make some improvements in your website’s design then here are few things, which you will make your website design outstanding.

Limited number of pages
Limited number of pages

#1. Limited number of pages

One of the things you must do to make website design more attractive and outstanding is reduced the number of pages and make it more categorized & organized, for example, if you are having a blog based on Android apps and PC apps, and you are thinking of adding some more categories in your blog. Then instead of keeping Android apps and PC apps separate, create a menu name it Apps, then move both of them under it, in this way, not only you will have more space on your menu, but it will also more much cleaner.

#2. Remove unnecessary elements

This is another thing, which you must work on. A lot of it depends on the theme you are using, so always try to pick a theme, which body doesn’t have many extra elements that you don’t require.

Now, if you are already using a theme containing such unwanted elements, then first and foremost try to pay attention to your content, because if your content is surrounded by multiple sidebar widgets, then the visitor might not pay full attention to your content, instead some ads or another post might catch his/her eye, which is not a good thing.

Now, I’m not saying it these are bad elements, but try to keep these things below your content so, in this way the visitor’s attention will be on the content itself rather than being on other elements.

#3. Use attractive and simple fonts

Another crucial thing you need to watch for is the web fonts that is being used on your site. If you are using a blog containing multiple fonts then please try to avoid it, and try to go with a font that will look good both in the heading and in the body also, because using single fonts makes the layout look more unified.

But before you make your move, first choose a theme, which looks more visually appealing, and if you are not having one, the I would suggest you go with one of the fonts mentioned below. Fira Sans, Josefin Sans, Jura, Merriweather, Playfair display, Abril Fatface, GT Walsheim, etc, are some of the best web fonts that you should consider using as your website’s web font.

 Optimized images for website
Optimized images for website

#4. Optimized images for website

If your site takes too much time to load then, there may be multiple reasons behind it, and one of them might be the images that you are uploading on your site, if you are using high-quality images having a large file size, then that’s gonna affect your site load time. Therefore, to avoid this, you can use multiple things, the first you will need to do this compress those images, which you are going to use for your site’s content, and, please try to use JPEG images only.

If you are using WordPress, then I’ll recommend you to use an image optimizer plugin like EWWW Optimizer, CW Image Optimizer, WP Smush, Hammy, etc. Out of these plugins, I’ll recommend you to use the WP Smush plugin. Once you start using it, you’ll don’t need to much extra work, because from converting to optimizing images, this plugin does it all for you. The story doesn’t end here; it also optimizes all the images that have already been uploaded to your site, and removes all the unused images, thereby reducing the file size.

Visible information above the fold
Visible information above the fold

#5. Visible information above the fold

For those, who are not familiar with the phrase ‘above the fold’, let me tell, it does refer to the big bold headlines that you see on the first page of any newspaper referring to the big headlines. Nevertheless, when it comes to web design, it refers to the head of your homepage that immediately opens up when your site starts loading.

The issue that you need to look is the various forms the above fold appear on different devices. Suppose, the way above the fold appears on your PC might not be the same it appears on a smartphone, and in some cases, even the CSS style also doesn’t work. To fix that pick a theme, and test all it all across all the devices. Until you do that your Website design will still have some flaws in it, and I don’t think so anyone will take this lightly.

Final words

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, and for getting such informative post, please do keep visiting. Anyways, if you got some queries or concern, please let me know by commenting in the comment section below, I’ll be delighted to help you out as soon as possible. Nevertheless, if you really liked this post, please do consider share it on social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, etc.

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