What are the benefits of Dedicated IP Address?

Newbies easily confused over shared hosting and dedicated web hosting, and they start scratching the heads. The cheapest solution is shared hosting and it comes with awesome features that everyone attracted to it. However, no one knows the benifites of dedicated IP address web hosting has a purpose, and they end up learning about it lately.

What is a Dedicated IP Address in Web Hosting?

Internet Protocol is also known as IP address and it is a unique address that defines a computer, server, and a website. An IP address is an identity that tells the servers, websites, search engines and others that it is a unique machine.

The unique IP address has a valid location, network, and identity.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is a server that has one IP address, but it used by multiple websites. Yes, you read it right, the shared web hosting used by multiple websites, so it does not make your site unique in the eyes of search engines.

Benefits of Dedicated IP Address

  1. Search engines do classify the site as unique, and it helps the site to rank a domain or page faster. Yes, it has an SEO advantage that plays a role in ranking on the first page.
  2. You can access the site with IP address like “http://00.00.00,” and you cannot do it with shared hosting. The visitors & founders have to log in using the domain name.
  3. A business must get IP Address to maintain the reputation because the business owners cannot have a situation, where clients have ended up on some other sites. Clients can easily find out the sender IP address, and they can track it down. You don’t want them to find out about other connected sites. It can ruin the company reputation.
  4. Web applications and scripts require dedicated IP address to run on servers.

Small sites don’t need the dedicated IP address such as small one-page business sites, personal profile, and other small sites. However, if you have a blog, a video hosting site, major business site, and more, then you should get a dedicated IP address.

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