Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed

IT company in Lucknow

You can find hundreds of IT Companies in Lucknow today, but only a few of them can meet your expectations. There are a thousand factors when we try to find the right IT Companies in Lucknow for employment and learning something new from them.

We have millions of students graduating from high school and University every year, and only a handful of people can make it big after finishing academics. The rest of the students are in the pursuit to learn a skill or course from the software development company in Lucknow.

While, the other group hunts for MNC Companies in Lucknow, and learning is the first step for everyone so that they can start innovative business or start-up. Today, we are going to look at top software companies in Lucknow, so you can find an ideal place to learn, implement, and make it big in a career.

TOP 10 IT Companies in Lucknow

SNIT CompanyPage Load TimePage SizeHosting Provider
1.Youstable3.7 Sec2.06 MBYoustable
2.Global web links3.2 Sec2.66 MBReseller Club
3.Clickretina5.3 Sec2.00 MBYoustable
4.Sigma Software8.3 Sec4.95 MB Cyber Futuristics
5. Vexil Infotech Private Limited10.3 Sec5.37 MBDe-cix Interwire
6. Singsys Software Service7.7 Sec3.34 MBAWS
7. Webdigitronix Softlabs5.5 Sec1.60 MBHEG Mass
8. CEDCOSS Technologies6.8 Sec2.84 MB InMotion Hosting
9. Omninet Technologies10.6 Sec10.1 MBCtrlS
10. Softgen Technologies9.4 Sec7.11 MB HostGator

1. YouStable

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 1
IT Companies in Lucknow

YouStable is a Web Hosting company in Lucknow including Website Designing, SEO in the list. The company is serving the international community with web hosting services, domain registration services, SEO services, Blogging, and other products & service for many years.

No one can deny that they have earned a reputation in the digital world for several years, and many people in the Blogging and SEO industry appreciate them. Currently, it is one of the successful IT Companies in Lucknow right now.

The company is responsible for designing some of the popular sites in the industry such as Pico, Only Loudest, and many more. YouStable special skills lie in SEO, where they have ranked hundreds of sites, blogs, and e-commerce stores in multiple countries.

A good start to rank a site, innovate the product, and get results with YouStable.

Foundation : 2012
Company size: 10-50 Employees
Customer Base: 
Specialty: Web Hosting, Website Development, Website Designing,
SEO, Bulk SMS, Digital Marketing,

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 2
IT Companies in Lucknow

Global Web Links is one of the IT Companies in Lucknow, and they have been around for a long time now. The company offers web marketing services, web designing services, and content writing services in Lucknow. In case, if you have no idea about sites, then they have packages that can get the site online within a few days. Apart from website designing company in Lucknow, they offer social media marketing and SEO services as well.

However, the SEO, Web hosting, and Domain services do not exceed YouStable level. Regarding prices to value, the Global Web Links does not beat the YouStable, and that’s the reason, why it ended up on the second position.

Foundation: 1999
Company Size:
10-20 Employees
Customer Base: 500+
Website Design, Website Development, Online Marketing,
Business Counsulting

3. ClickRetina

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 3
IT Companies in Lucknow

ClickRetina is a digital marketing company located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The small company offers SEO services, content writing services, hosting, domain, Adwords services, search engine optimization services, and social media marketing services. Apart from providing services to the clients, they also provide training to the new learners, and students in the institute. The SEO services start from Rs.8,000 per month, and they offer two guests posts with SEO audit.

ClickRetina might be one of the top software companies in Lucknow, but they fall in SEO, Web hosting, Marketing, and other services when compared to the YouStable. The company does not use dedicated servers, and the pricing comes under on the expensive side.

ClickRetina is a good start for the beginners, who want to see visibility online under a tight budget. However, we cannot guarantee that their pricing is negotiable.

Foundation: 2015
Company Size:
15-20 Employees
Customer Base: 200+
SEO, SMO, Website Designing, Website Development,
Online Marketing, Bulk SMS, Adword, Content Writing

4. SigmaIT Softwares

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 4
IT Companies in Lucknow

Sigma Software digital services and they come under the IT Companies in Lucknow. The software development company in Lucknow offers software development is an ISO certified company that helps the client’s design responsive sites.

Clients can get the site ranked on search engines for a price with Sigma Software. You can take the assistance of the company to maintain an app, and they also develop the web application. The digital world evolves every single day, and it very important for the client to stay up to date with the web-based apps. Sigma Softwares re-engineer the web apps for compatibility.

Foundation: 2012
Company Size: 50-100
Customer Base: 400+
Specialty: Software Development, Android app development, SEO,
Website designing, E-Commerce Solution, Web Hosting

5. Vexil Infotech Private Limited

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 5
IT Companies in Lucknow

Vexil Infotech PVT LTD is an IT company located in Lucknow, and it stands in the list of software Development Company in Lucknow. Clients can purchase the licenses of the CRM to facilitate the customer operations smoothly. In case, if you are running a site that offers UBR services such as recharges, bill payment, IMPS, hotel bookings, and more.

e-Seller solutions for the clients that have a goal to increase the number of sales and expanding the business for the right price.

Foundation: 2007
Company Size:
Customer Base: 500+
Specialty: Web Desining, Software Development, Mobile App
development, Digital Marketing, Payment Gateway

6. Singsys Software Service

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 6
IT Companies in Lucknow

Singsys is a software development company in Lucknow, and they have been providing services to clients for a long time now. If the clients are expecting an innovative app for the business, then approaching them is an ideal choice. Web-based application usage has increased and Sinhsys ready to offer uniquely coded apps for the business.

We know that you are wondering, why it ended up on the sixth position in the list. The company does not offer flawless digital marketing services to the customers because it has too many loopholes. The same theory goes to web hosting services as well because YouStable offers better hosting services than Singsys.

For web-based application, Singsys Software Company is good enough to offer innovative services.

Foundation: 2009
Company Size: 
200+ Employees
Customer Base: 1000+
Mobile Application, Website Development, Digital
Marketing, E-commerce to Education Digital Studio

7. Webdigitronix Softlabs

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 7
IT Companies in Lucknow

Webdigitronix Softlabs is a software and Internet marketing company that offers wide range of services to clients and customers. The WDS mobile app development services come with an affordable price, so the customers don’t have to suffer from expensive charges. Internet marketing is a challenging field for many experts in the market, but it isn’t a big deal to the WDS Company. Webdigitronix Softlabs is one of the reliable IT Companies in Lucknow right now.

Foundation: 2012
Company Size: 
20-50 Employees
Customer Base: 1000+
Website Desining, Web development, Android traning,
SEO Training, E-Commerce Solution, Digital Marketing,
App development, Content marketing

8. CEDCOSS Technologies

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 8
IT Companies in Lucknow

CEDCOSS Technologies Private Limited is an Indian based software development company in Lucknow aiming to offer software-based solutions to international clients. The cognitive analysis of the business assists the companies to identify the loopholes within the business model. The data analysis of any small or big company helps the enterprise to understand the strengths and weakness.

CEDCOSS is an excellent software company that offers cybersecurity for the small and enterprise business. The cloud services lack strength and performance when compared to the YouStable Cloud data centers.

Foundation: 2010
Company Size:
51-200 Employees
Customer Base: 1000+
Specialty: php, Magento, Android, and IOS

9. Omninet Technologies

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 9
Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 10

Omninet stands on the top nine in IT Companies in Lucknow, and the company specializes in providing a work force for various tasks. Developing customized software for business is no big deal for them, and they can market the product online within a matter of moments. It would not come as a surprise that they also work on SEO and SEM for online visibility.

In case, if your company requires a dedicated technical team, then they can give you a hand in it as well. A dedicated team of writers is waiting for clients because they are extremely good at producing unique content.

Foundation: 1996
Company Size:
51-200 Employees
Customer Base:
Specialty: Website Development, Software Development, Mobile
app Development, Data Management, Content Creation, Digital Marketing

10. Softgen Technologies

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 11
IT Companies in lucknow

At the tenth position, we have Softgen technologies that stand on the mountain of IT Companies in Lucknow. The software company offers digital services as well including SEO, SEM, content writing, CRM software services, and more.

The company has been on the ground providing standard services to the clients for a long time, but it could not find momentum regarding sustainability. The innovation is slightly on the downside, and it is one of the reasons, why it could not make it on the top of the list.

Foundation: 2008
Company Size: 
Customer Base: 800+
Softawre Development, Web development, Mobile App
development, Graphics Designing, Consulting service, SEO, SMO


Regarding Digital Marketing services, YouStable is a one-stop shop for customers and clients. Among millions of companies around the world growing at tremendous speed, these companies land on top software companies in Lucknow list. Let us know what do you think about best IT Companies in Lucknow in the comment section below.

SSL vs TLS | What is the major difference?


SSL certificate versus Transport Layer Security debate doesn’t seem to end, and the blame goes to lack of knowledge. Many Bloggers and experts in the field could not deliver the message properly, which led to confusion. (Transport Layer Security) TLS vs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) debate will end now because we are going to explain simply.

What is TLS?

SSL full form Secure Sockets Layer, while TLS full form Transport Layer Security.

TLS is a protocol providing intensive data integrity and data privacy between two communications-based applications. Many smaller companies and organizations such as web browsers, applications, and networks utilize it send & receive data without third-party intervention.

Transport Layer Security utilized by applications like Instant messaging apps, VPN applications, File transfer apps, and more.

The combination of TLS vs SSL provides intensive security for web browsers and applications to create a secure network.

TLS uses a combination of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, as this provides a good compromise between performance and security when transmitting data securely.

How Does TLS Works?

You can learn about the difference between TLS vs SSL by comparing the functions. The combination of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography utilized in transferring data securely.

The TLS connection encrypts the data between 128 bit to 256 bit, and Symmetric cryptography develops a powerful secret key. The TLS connection can create a public key and a private key depending on the task, and then the sender can transfer data to the recipient securely. The decryption key does not land in the hands of a third-party because it remains with the recipient.

  1. 1024 bits is the minimum private or public key.
  2. 2048 bits is the common key length.
  3. The 112-bit symmetric key is equivalent strength to the 2048-bit asymmetric key.

TLS is an exceptional method to verify the server’s public key ownership in a few seconds. The X.509 digital certificate is issued by the Certificate Authority (CA) via third-party sellers. We have seen several servers sending a self-signed certificate to the servers, but the browser reminds the users about it. The self-signed certificates are trusted by private networks and secure private networks. However, the experts in the field recommend the users to go for Certificate Authority (CA) certificates.

How can I complete domain control validation for SSL certificate?

Domain Control Validation (DCV) is a security mark for the domain owners, and no one should avoid it at any cost.

Difference Between TLS vs SSL

The difference between TLS vs SSL often confused by the experts but the real difference is minor. TLS vs SSL are different techniques and TLS is the successor to SSL. TLS is a stronger and advanced encryption algorithm, which is capable enough to work on different ports.

The SSL has been around for a long time. Meanwhile, the developers started to work on something much better. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) developed TLS (Transport Layer Security) digital security standard. The TLS is a stronger digital security element, which can create a secure connection to keep the data from thieves and hackers. No one can decrypt the data without the public key or private key.

The SSL also was known as the Secure Sockets Layer protocol developed by Netscape and the technology build on public/private key encryption on data. SSL is a universal solution supported by the majority of servers, browsers, applications, and more.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

The SSL is industry-standard protection, which integrates with applications, payment gateways, transactions, and others. Millions of online businesses are utilizing the SSL certificate encryption to keep the data away from third-party interruption. The growing rate of hackers has encouraged the customers to avoid shop from non-SSL protected sites.

SSL Certificate works with instant messaging apps, websites, and browsers.

How To do SSL Certificate Renewal?

SSL Certificate is a protection layer offered for websites. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate protects the website and visitor inputting credit card details in the site.

TLS (Transport Layer Security)

Many are aware of the fact that TLS is a next-generation security layer developed by the IETF.

TLS had drawbacks in the past, which led to several security breaches. The IETF fixed the issues to gain momentum in the market to secure application access, data transfers, web browsing, and more. TLS secures internet-based communication, and the protocol has evolved. The different set of sub-protocols lays down a specific level of security for web servers, VPN’s, web-based applications, etc.

  1. TLS Record Protocol: The standard TCP protocol creates a secure connection to transfer data, and the encryption utilized in the process is safe so far.
  2. TLS Handshake Protocol: An advanced encryption algorithm shows the eavesdroppers to the exit door. The handshake protocol creates a secure connection and verifies “sender & recipient” at the same time

TLS is a next-generation technology to ensure digital safety and free from vulnerabilities.

Benefits of TLS (Transport Layer Security)

There is no end of transport layer benefits. The TLS certificate offers a stronger secure connection compared to private certificates and self-certified certificates. We are going to list down some of the prominent benefits of the TLS.

One: The TLS utilizes the Key-Hashing for Message Authentication Code (HMAC) to verify the servers so that no one can tamper in between the transfer journey.

Two: TLS’s full form is Transport Layer Security, and the name suggests itself specific and detailed reports on errors.

Three: Unlike SSL, TSL designed to utilize PRF and HMAC values to confirm the authentication.

Four: TLS is not a complicated technology to implement, so anyone with basic knowledge can integrate it.

Five: The secure connection TLS generates “Enhanced Pseudorandom Function (PRF)” two keys to increasing security.

The list of difference between TLS vs SSL keep goes on, so we are going to end with five.


Transport Layer Security is a successor to SSL, and many people did not adjust to the new change. It might take a while for web servers companies, private companies, and public companies to implement TLS.

4 Smart Marketing tips for your web hosting business

Smart Marketing

Many major brands are working on smart marketing so that they can increase visibility, brand awareness, and sales. Brands are constantly paying millions of dollars in the market to promote their products and market their logo in competitive regions. Smart marketing is an essential tool for reputed companies because it keeps them relevant in the offline or online market.

Beginners do not have the luxury to learn secrets & methodologies of brands Smart Marketing tactics. Today, we are going to unveil Small Business Marketing, which attracts thousands of people in the get-go. Consider it as smart marketers guide hosting, so affiliate marketers can start making money from day one.

Objective of marketing

Every campaign or individual has objectives or goals in mind, so they can start marketing the products. It wouldn’t hurt for the beginners to learn from scratch.

  • Reach: A product or a service doesn’t get leads or sales until or unless the right clients or customers learn about them. I can list millions of small business out there, who failed to increase leads or sales because no one knows about them.
  • Acquisition: Customer Acquisition Cost is a marketing cost per customer that campaigner has to spend on it. While marketing a product or a service, you have to figure out how much it would cost to close a sale. Figuring it out is a difficult problem, but it’s worth to spend a few bucks on it.
  • Retention: Keeping the existing customers on the platform is an important aspect of the entire campaign. Companies that let go of a customer more likely to go out of business. Create different options for an existing base to renew the product and stay with you!
  • Conversion: Let us assume that you have made 100 cold calls for sales, and you ended up with five leads, then the conversion rate is 5%.

The reality of Smart Marketing:

Smart Marketing is a combination of unique approach + value-added services + simplicity. Of course, there are other essential elements that I have not mentioned because it differs from product to product.

Hosting features that matter for smart marketing

The masses want realistic figures on the product, so always be frank & honest about the information. Do not pass on information that can ruin the company’s name later on. New customers should not get disappointed at any cost or else; you might end up having a low retention rate.

  • Specifications: In the web hosting industry, there is a minimum requirement to offer in shared or managed packages.

Processor: Minimum 1-core processor.


Storage (SSD): 20GB.

Backup: Fully Automated.

Panel: cPanel or custom panel.

Unique Add-ons: No one can deny that people live extra free stuff added to the package like SSL Certificate, Domain protection, or any other relevant service.

  • Cost: Budget-friendly cost + high-quality service always wins. Majority of the customers do not have enough funds to spend on an expensive package, so they rather choose a budget-friendly company.
  • Performance: Search Engine is demanding highly responsive servers and speed loading sites.
  • PageSpeed: Website administrators must work on-site optimization, and it is mandatory for developers to look into it. An un-optimized site cannot blame the slow loading speed on a web hosting company. You can try Google’s PageSpeed tool and Pingdom tool for further information.
  • Data Center: A provider doesn’t suggest customers on locations, and it is the responsibility of the site administrator to figure out. Of course, there is an option to select data centres for better performance and loading speed.
  • Uptime: Visitors can show up on the site any given time, so the website should be ready. Server uptime is a contributing factor in increasing leads, so do not miss uptime from the list.
  • Management & Support: Web hosting consists of non-reachable servers and technical process. A customer cannot spend time on fixing it on their own because it’s nearly impossible. A server is a combination of hardware and software, and anything can go wrong. Customer care is an essential part of the business or else, or else, it might end in days of non-responsive servers. Most of the web hosting provider’s offer setting up & installation services, and it is part of a business.

Moving a website from one web hosting account to another requires professional assistance to avoid files lost. I have seen several managements offering free Migration Assistance. Updating necessary files from time-to-time is a contributing factor towards hardening security and strengthening firewall.

Marketing Measure influenced by Hosting decisions

Millions of people are using email marketing strategy as part of their ultimate plan. I am going to talk about some existing strategies that made a modern company into a BRAND.

  • Ranking: Nothing can match organic traffic in the history of an online business. Paid promotions might gain a few moments of glory on search engines, but it doesn’t reflect organic search engine visitors’ value. Of course, SEO is a tough job as search engines are getting complicated. Nowadays, mobile marketing is a trending subject, and it is a good option for newcomers in the market. Overall speaking, ranking a website on the first page of search engines can prove effective compared to paid promotions.
  • Traffic: You might have come across phrases such as “Traffic that converts into paying customers” at least once in a lifetime. Basically, websites have proven over the years that good products or services can convert visitors into paying customers. Do not try to oversell products or services, but create packages according to the needs of customers and also add a custom package.
  • Conversions: As a Smart Marketing individual, it is extremely difficult to convince visitors to purchase a product or service from you. In such complicated cases, in-depth details on the packages & services come in handy. People love transparency, and you cannot list down features & functions without explaining about them. Anyone can achieve greater conversion by applying different methods over time.
  • Repeat Business: I have witnessed several companies hiring new employees to work on sales. Instead of paying employees for taking for the existing ones, they spend money on getting new ones on the platform. Never let customers go away from the company, and retaining them is an important aspect. Successful Smart Marketing campaigns always pay attention to existing customers and their needs. The money should not stop coming from existing customers, so focus on serving the existing ones.
  • Trust: Winning the trust of people is not an easier task than done. Never breach customers trust, and it is a key aspect of a business.
  • Uptime: Would you pay for a service that doesn’t work properly? I wouldn’t, and downtime is a deal-breaker. Internet is a transparent world, and anyone can write an honest review, which can destroy the reputation. Always provide 100% server uptime services and deliver it.
  • Uncovering Bugbears: I have seen customers willing to pay a high price to avoid certain things, and if you can achieve them as part of the services, then success is on the way.
  • Blacklist Emails: A capable spam folder needed for spam emails received by website administrator on the official webmail.
  • Search Ranking Penalized: Let us focus on the main subject, where the website administrator has to pay a huge price once in a while. Shared web hosting consists of multiple accounts on a single server, which results in one IP address. Let us assume that a single server is an apartment and it has one hundred flats available in it. The entire reputation of the apartment hold in the hands of the occupants and a single mistake can ruin. It doesn’t matter if other members of the apartment involve in it or not. Criticism falls upon other members of the apartment, and it applies to web hosting accounts hosted on one IP address. Encourage new customers to purchase a dedicated IP address to avoid penalization.
  • Terrible User Experience: I am going to list a good experience below, and you can imagine the opposite of the list.
  1. Highly responsive customer care.
  2. The company delivers promises mentioned on the site.
  3. The 99.99% uptime delivered!
  4. I get attractive discounts during the renewal of the existing packages.

I have mentioned four good aspects of a web hosting provider and you can re-imagine opposite version of these.

Bottom Line

Smart Marketing should always be based on realistic promises and deliver what promised on the packages information. Remember, unique marketing will always work on several occasions, but do not lose sight of Quality + Value added services + Affordable + Customer support.

What is PHP and What are its Applications?

What is PHP

The term “PHP applications” is a popular phrase in the coding industry as many developers and programmers cannot afford to avoid it. The entire business of websites made around PHP applications and PHP script is an essential part of it. PHP language is a language to describe the matter and display the website on a web browser. Millions of programmers utilize the open-source algorithm to write, create, and publish the website. The PHP applications are so popular that PHP online editors come to existence.

What is PHP Programming?

Coding is not everyone’s cups of coffee, and the millennial doesn’t seem to understand the true potential of the PHP applications.

We have to start from the beginning to explain the subject in-depth. In case, if you are familiar with the topic, then move on.

PHP is a programming language, and it is a popular open-source programming language widely used to create websites and applications. Originally, it was meant for a smaller purpose back in the days, but the evolution converted into a hypertext preprocessor. PHP scripts are capable enough to team up with other scripts such as CSS, HTML, HTML5, Javascript, etc.

PHP framework does not show up on the web browser visually, but you can try the inspect elements to identify the codes. The PHP application is a back-end script as it does not appear anywhere, until or unless you want to spend time figuring out.

PHP application does not appear visually in a web browser, but 70% of active websites are running on PHP scripts. PHP language plays a supporting role in running a website, but developers cannot build an entire website based on PHP. Many people are not aware of it, but PHP servers web hosting is a popular package.

How to Edit wp-config.php File in WordPress?

The file “wp-config.php” is a core system file of WordPress CMS, and the users can edit the file to customizations.

What can you do with PHP?

PHP scripts are not the main element in web designing, but it is one of the core elements of the entire designing. You can pair PHP application with several other languages such as C++, Javascript, HTML, HTML5, CSS, etc. Several web applications are built around PHP, and it is a core element in programming today.

Dynamic Website

In Dynamic websites, the PHP scripts are utilized to build content managers. Some of the popular CMS built on PHP such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. eCommerce based content management systems often utilize PHP applications such as OpenCart, Magneto, Prestashop, etc. The PHP opens up opportunities as it does not have any proprietary authority, and it is an open-source, so it allows unknown knowledgeable programmers to develop unique out of it.

Web-Based System

Moodle is a unique example of a distance learning system developed on PHP applications. Anyone can develop an internet-based distant learning application using PHP. PHP programming facilitates the intranet system to log in with username & password for a small company to a multi-national company.

PHP framework does not bottleneck the users, and you can host it on a local server or a public server without any limitations. The possibilities open up when there is an expert level PHP developer in the house. PHP servers connected to the internal network security also depend on the PHP editor.

Hire a PHP expert and start rolling the services.

Desktop System

PHP framework never designed for the desktop environment, but the creative level does not limit it at all. The knowledge of the individual counts in the equation, so if you are considering creating a desktop application, then go for it.

PHP Script with Command Line

For programmers on call, it is also possible to fire PHP scripts directly from the terminal, using the command line. In this mode, it is not necessary to have a web server, such as Apache or Microsoft IIS. Only the PHP interpreter will be required for you to run shell scripts with the language.

Great Site Create with PHP

Great websites were built with language. Although not everyone uses PHP in the backend currently, we can cite as an example Facebook and YouTube as platforms originally written in PHP.

I have stated that websites continuously using the PHP script back-end and they do not completely depend on it. Time has changed the patterns drastically and many developers 10% depending on the PHP framework to create, edit, and remove elements. YouTube, Wikipedia, and Facebook built on PHP, and the open-source codes are evolving at a faster pace.

PHP scripts are back-end language, so the advanced language cannot be detected by visiting the site and going through the inspect element.

PHP Versions

The first-ever PHP (1.0 8) version launched on June 1995 and it is called “Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools)”

The latest PHP (7.3 6) version released in December 2018 and the end date posted as 6 December 2021.

You can learn more about the PHP version on the official Wikipedia page.

Web Hosting and PHP

PHP scripts and web applications require a specific server to host the website. There are several reputed hosting companies offering wide range of options such as YouStable. Customers can install a PHP based website on a Windows server, Linux server, and other operating system servers.

Hosting a PHP based website on a server requires a good customer support team because you may encounter issues anytime during the set-up. YouStable has dedicated customer support to add value to the PHP based server assistance.

Where to Learn PHP for Free?

PHP language is an open-source project, and millions of experts have created tutorials online.

W3Schools: A group of people came together to enable free learning programming. The website is active for a very long time and served millions of people, who are keen to learn something new. W3Schools does not waste your precious time, and they directly begin from Part 1 to Part 100 from the same page. Do not give up on learning in a few weeks because it might take a year to master the teachings of the PHP tutorials.

Check out W3Schools

YouTube: A valuable source to learn visually and verbally, but there are no videos that explain from scratch. You have to spend a few moments to find videos and browse around to understand the concept.

Check out YT


I have come across people believing the PHP framework is a dead end, but it isn’t true at all. Sites like Wikipedia start the day with PHP back-end content manager, and the PHP online editor is growing at a tremendous rate. The growth in PHP applications jobs is higher, and you can secure a lot of high-paying jobs as well. From YouTube to reputed online media company has PHP developer’s jobs all the time.

Moz Domain Authority 2.0 | Why my domain authority decreased?

Moz domain authority

Google Search Engines updates the algorithm frequently, and the latest development is Domain Authority 2.0 did not reach to the masses. Part-time digital marketers do not seem to be aware of the most recent events in Domain Authority 2.0. YouStable always puts the community ahead by providing valuable information such as Domain Authority 2.0 in-depth information.

What is Domain Authority?

Moz Domain Authority 2.0 | Why my domain authority decreased? 12

All right, if you are someone new to the DM field, then the question might hit hard leading to a headache. We cannot leave the beginners in the backyard because they are the future of our industry.

Domain Authority is a quality ranking factor of the entire website and the ranking decided by the search engine algorithm. Domain Authority 2.0 focus on the quality of the website design, pages, posts, backlinks, images, and everything related to the website.

The search engine algorithm calculates one year of analytics fetches from the site. The Domain Authority 2.0 algorithm ranks the website accordingly.

Domain Authority 2.0 is a prediction of future ranking. 

What’s new in Domain Authority 2.0?

Every expert in the industry has a story to tell and back it up using case studies. So what’s new in the Domain Authority 2.0?


The search engine designed the algorithm to record daily activities, and updates the status of the site every day.


In the past, the Domain Authority 1.0 depended on the old link index. However, it isn’t the same this time around as Google has more critical link index data.

Be Alert:

The search engine robot is going to check the site every day, so spammers are going to have a hard time ranking a page or a post.


Millions of high-quality content on the World Wide Web goes unnoticed due to the spammers throwing their weight around. Fortunately, the latest movement from the Search Engine will penetrate manipulations regardless of the smartest way they have used to implement it.

The desperation of ranking a page or a post on the first page within a few months has driven many to take roundabout methods — link manipulation scores on the top of the spam billboard. Domain Authority 2.0 specifically targets websites for link manipulation.

New AI:

Google, search engine giant, encourages innovation, which leads to the latest AI. The official team took advanced measures to help AI to learn, understand, and implement punishments. The AI goes through advanced analytics to search, find, confirm and punish the culprit.

Spammers can no longer throw their weight around in rankings department. However, humans are smarter beings, who always find their way back to the alley. Only time can tell, whether the Page Authority algorithm can sustain the peace and harmony for the Whitehat SEO users and high-quality content producers.

Benefits of Domain Authority 2.0

The comparison between Page Authority vs. Domain Authority does seem to end. Millions of people will reap benefits from the DA 2.0 update. Meanwhile, the other side of the coin (spammers) might cry over it. The 2.0 update is a blessing for Whitehat SEO and content producers and bad news for the manipulators.

I have mentioned that Domain Authority is a combination of quality elements on the website. The benefits are good news for healthy websites with good content and backlinks.

Hard Time:

The elephant in the room is going to have a hard time ranking a webpage. I am talking about link manipulators, who build backlinks very smartly to outrank others. Good content is blessed by Google search engine, and you can witness the results.

Accurate Page Authority:

The daily updates does not hold back high-quality content from getting a ranking prediction. Yes, the regular page updates will ensure that the administrator is making an effort to improve it.

Spam Score Incorporation:

You can find thousands of metric tools to check spam score, and find out the reliable score for the page or a post. The AI continually learns webpage elements every day to keep an eye on the suspects.

Every reputed blog or a website has high-quality content published on the site. Every post or webpage has links pointing to the root domain. The AI evaluates the potent of the link to predict the rankings under Domain Authority 2.0 update.

Overall, the benefits may seem sparklingly right for the Bloggers, and content creators, but we have to look forward to the counter strike of the spammers.

Impact of this update and how to be prepared?

We are going to take a quick look at the impact, while the folks are working on “how to increase domain authority” strategy. Readers can utilize the DA PA checker tools available online for free.

Search Engine does not implement the likely resulting impact. Every Blogger, Administrator, and Digital marketing agency has to expect the unexpected. Yes, the effect of Domain Authority 2.0 is going to be unpredictable in every manner.

However, we are suggesting a few changes that can lower the damages in a few weeks. By implementing out suggestions, the website will reflect old metrics in a few weeks or so.

Avoid Isolation:

Google News policy does not approve sites that do not have proper credentials pointing the legitimacy of the content producer. In the same fashion, the site administrator has to provide author details, founder details, and related people. Names, social media links, number of posts, and proper Whois lookup details.

Do not build more than two or three high-quality links to the post or page in a month.


Irrelevant content and backlinks can lead to decreasing DA and PA.

More information is coming our way related to the impact of the Domain Authority 2.0!


We did not mention Page Authority in the article because it is directly connected to the main topic. If the niche of the website demands content every day, the focus on improving article quality, links quality, and website speed. Let us know what do you think about Domain Authority 2.0 in the comment section below.