How to Create Subdomain in cPanel

Subdomain is a small part of the larger domain under the Domain Name System hierarchical system. Business people create subdomain to related products and unique content with a website. 

You can take YouStable blog platform, we have created the sub-domain to host a blog and knowledge base portal.

Instead of going for “,” we have chosen to go for “,” which makes it easier for the visitors to reach the knowledge base. 

Adding a subdomain from cPanel takes a few moments of your precious time, and we will guide you through it to save time and confusions.

Step 1: Login to your cPanel account by adding and it should like this “” and replace the company name with your domain name.

create subdomain

Step 2: After logging in, type “domain” in the search bar, and select the first result.

create subdomain

Step 3: The next page takes you to the sub-domain adder, and take a quick look at the options.

create subdomain

Step 4: In the first empty field, add the sub-domain name. If you have multiple domains connected to one account, then you can select a different domain in the next option.

create subdomain

Step 5: The result can be seen in the last field and then click on “create” to add a sub-domain.

create subdomain

Step 6:  The next page confirms the sub-domain addition.

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