Using Default Nameservers vs Youstable Nameservers

Name servers are part of the Domain Name System (DNS) that assists the hosting server to find the domain name added to the hosting account.

A quick comparison explains the scene of default Nameservers and Hosting Nameservers.

Particulars Default NameserversYoustable Nameservers
DNS SystemsDNS System v1
DNS System v2
DNS Cluster
Dynamic DNSAvailableNot Available
Customization of Parked DomainNot Available You can edit the HTML file.
Edit DNS EntriesOf course, you can edit it.Of course, you can edit it.
Edit DNS recordsEdit in cPanel, Advanced DNS zone.Edit in cPanel, Advanced DNS zone.
Free Email Forwarding Yes No

YouStable web hosting offers a cPanel control panel to the existing and new customer, and it bundles with advanced “Zone Editor.

Step 1: Login to your cPanel account by adding cpanel at the end of the domain.


Step 2: Now, type “DNS” in the search bar and you have “Zone Editor” in the result, and click to open it.


Step 3: In the domain, click on A Record or CNAME Record to add new DNS to the domain name.


It takes only a few moments to add the new DNS record and save it.

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