What is the difference between cPanel vs WHM

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What is the difference between cPanel vs WHM

Many of the newbies have confusion between cPanel vs WHM. We have a different perceptive both control panels because they offer a different set of features.

What is a Reseller?

Reseller is a domain or web hosting account that many small companies purchase from major companies. Resellers buy the domains and web hosting storage from big companies to sell domestically. Major companies sell web hosting space & bulk domain registration packages to small companies to sell domestically.

What is End User Account?

To explain the end user account, we are going to use most commonly used words, a consumer, customer, account user, or a buyer. The end consumer is called end-user account. 

cPanel = For end users.

WHM = Reseller account.

Several parameters come with the WHM vs cPanel, and people don’t understand it until or unless, they start using it on a daily basis. A small comparison can help the readers understand the difference, or you have to purchase the account to experience it firsthand.

Difference Between cPanel vs WHM

ControllercPanel is a control panel for the single domain or multiple domain users. It is an end user application to create, organize, and manage a website.WHM is a control panel for reseller users, who are buying domains and web hosting in bulk. The WHM control panel helps the reseller to assign domains, and web hosting packages.
DomainsRun multiple sites on one account and create sub-domains.Buy domains and web hosting servers to sell others. The reseller does not have the option to create sub-domain.
password ResetUsers can reset the cPanel password.WHM users have the ultimate power in their hands, so they can change the cPanel password and reset it for you.
Root AccesscPanel offers web hosting account access, and it does not have server settings in it. Users can make changes to the account only.WHM allows the resellers with root level access. Resellers have full control over the server, and they can make any changes.
Port Number2083 is a secure port number for cPanel.2087 is a secure port number for WHM.

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