Do you allow Image Hosting Sites?

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Do you allow Image Hosting Sites?

YouStable web hosting company offers a wide range of packages for different requirements of the customers & clients.

Does YouStable allow Image Hosting Sites?

Answer: Yes, but in VPS and Dedicated server accounts only.

What is Image Hosting?

Image hosting is part of a strategy to make the website fully responsive and decrease the load on the server. Images are heavy nowadays, and it takes around 1 KB to 10 MB file to display high-quality images. A web hosting account is a server with physical processors, RAM, and operating system.

Experts understand that images consume a lot of space in the web hosting and it also adds additional pressure on the server to load the images in the page. Image Hosting website optimizes the servers to upload, download, and view images on other sites.

Website + Image Hosting Result

Let’s assume that you have subscribed to Image Hosting site.

Web Hosting: Servers loads website files and pages.

Image Hosting Site: A request sent to the Image hosting server to load the images on the third-party webpage or within the IH website.

It decreases the overall load, saves a lot of space, saves resources and decreases the CPU stress.

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