Does Cloudflare support an SSL Certificate?

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Does Cloudflare support an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is an important aspect of digital security for the masses. Big-time players in the digital market have announced that SSL certificate security later is a must. Cloudflare CDN is standing on the top as a free Content Delivery Network provider.

Cloudflare SSL Certificate Compatibility

The success roots of Cloudflare come from free services such as providing a secure connection via an SSL Certificate. The company made it on the top list because they are offering a free SSL Certificate for every website without charging a penny. Directly or indirectly, the company supports HTTPS connections.

What is TLS? difference between TLS vs SSL

SSL certificate versus Transport Layer Security debate doesn’t seem to end, and the blame goes to lack of knowledge.

Cloudflare: Support for Secure Connection

CloudFlare’s network supports HTTPS connection for every domain extension and subdomains as well. Universal SSL does not comply with the Cloudflare and customers have to rely on the Cloudflare itself. Universal SSL comes with SPDY protocol support and ECDSA cipher suite, so you cannot directly add a third-party SSL Certificate to the website.

Bottom Line

Cloudflare basic (free) plan does not work smoothly on old or outdated browsers. I have seen several sites integrated with a free plan and Mini Browsers also does not support it. Nowadays, mobile visitors have increased, so the basic plan list in disadvantages. Purchase a premium plan to support legacy browsers, and you may not lose a lot of traffic + sales.

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