Moz Domain Authority 2.0 | Why my domain authority decreased?

Moz Domain Authority 2.0 | Why my domain authority decreased?

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Moz Domain Authority 2.0 | Why my domain authority decreased?

Moz Domain Authority 2.0 | Why my domain authority decreased?

Google Search Engines updates the algorithm frequently, and the latest development is Domain Authority 2.0 did not reach to the masses. Part-time digital marketers do not seem to be aware of the most recent events in Domain Authority 2.0. YouStable always puts the community ahead by providing valuable information such as Domain Authority 2.0 in-depth information.

What is Domain Authority?

Moz Domain Authority 2.0 | Why my domain authority decreased? 1

All right, if you are someone new to the DM field, then the question might hit hard leading to a headache. We cannot leave the beginners in the backyard because they are the future of our industry.

Domain Authority is a quality ranking factor of the entire website and the ranking decided by the search engine algorithm. Domain Authority 2.0 focus on the quality of the website design, pages, posts, backlinks, images, and everything related to the website.

The search engine algorithm calculates one year of analytics fetches from the site. The Domain Authority 2.0 algorithm ranks the website accordingly.

Domain Authority 2.0 is a prediction of future ranking. 

What’s new in Domain Authority 2.0?

Every expert in the industry has a story to tell and back it up using case studies. So what’s new in the Domain Authority 2.0?


The search engine designed the algorithm to record daily activities, and updates the status of the site every day.


In the past, the Domain Authority 1.0 depended on the old link index. However, it isn’t the same this time around as Google has more critical link index data.

Be Alert:

The search engine robot is going to check the site every day, so spammers are going to have a hard time ranking a page or a post.


Millions of high-quality content on the World Wide Web goes unnoticed due to the spammers throwing their weight around. Fortunately, the latest movement from the Search Engine will penetrate manipulations regardless of the smartest way they have used to implement it.

The desperation of ranking a page or a post on the first page within a few months has driven many to take roundabout methods — link manipulation scores on the top of the spam billboard. Domain Authority 2.0 specifically targets websites for link manipulation.

New AI:

Google, search engine giant, encourages innovation, which leads to the latest AI. The official team took advanced measures to help AI to learn, understand, and implement punishments. The AI goes through advanced analytics to search, find, confirm and punish the culprit.

Spammers can no longer throw their weight around in rankings department. However, humans are smarter beings, who always find their way back to the alley. Only time can tell, whether the Page Authority algorithm can sustain the peace and harmony for the Whitehat SEO users and high-quality content producers.

Benefits of Domain Authority 2.0

The comparison between Page Authority vs. Domain Authority does seem to end. Millions of people will reap benefits from the DA 2.0 update. Meanwhile, the other side of the coin (spammers) might cry over it. The 2.0 update is a blessing for Whitehat SEO and content producers and bad news for the manipulators.

I have mentioned that Domain Authority is a combination of quality elements on the website. The benefits are good news for healthy websites with good content and backlinks.

Hard Time:

The elephant in the room is going to have a hard time ranking a webpage. I am talking about link manipulators, who build backlinks very smartly to outrank others. Good content is blessed by Google search engine, and you can witness the results.

Accurate Page Authority:

The daily updates does not hold back high-quality content from getting a ranking prediction. Yes, the regular page updates will ensure that the administrator is making an effort to improve it.

Spam Score Incorporation:

You can find thousands of metric tools to check spam score, and find out the reliable score for the page or a post. The AI continually learns webpage elements every day to keep an eye on the suspects.

Every reputed blog or a website has high-quality content published on the site. Every post or webpage has links pointing to the root domain. The AI evaluates the potent of the link to predict the rankings under Domain Authority 2.0 update.

Overall, the benefits may seem sparklingly right for the Bloggers, and content creators, but we have to look forward to the counter strike of the spammers.

Impact of this update and how to be prepared?

We are going to take a quick look at the impact, while the folks are working on “how to increase domain authority” strategy. Readers can utilize the DA PA checker tools available online for free.

Search Engine does not implement the likely resulting impact. Every Blogger, Administrator, and Digital marketing agency has to expect the unexpected. Yes, the effect of Domain Authority 2.0 is going to be unpredictable in every manner.

However, we are suggesting a few changes that can lower the damages in a few weeks. By implementing out suggestions, the website will reflect old metrics in a few weeks or so.

Avoid Isolation:

Google News policy does not approve sites that do not have proper credentials pointing the legitimacy of the content producer. In the same fashion, the site administrator has to provide author details, founder details, and related people. Names, social media links, number of posts, and proper Whois lookup details.

Do not build more than two or three high-quality links to the post or page in a month.


Irrelevant content and backlinks can lead to decreasing DA and PA.

More information is coming our way related to the impact of the Domain Authority 2.0!


We did not mention Page Authority in the article because it is directly connected to the main topic. If the niche of the website demands content every day, the focus on improving article quality, links quality, and website speed. Let us know what do you think about Domain Authority 2.0 in the comment section below. 

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