How can I complete domain control validation for SSL certificate?

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How can I complete domain control validation for SSL certificate?

Domain Control Validation (DCV) is a security mark for the domain owners, and no one should avoid it at any cost. Millions of people do not pay attention to the details, which lands them in the red zone.

What is Domain Control Validation (DCV)?

Domain Control Validation is proof of domain ownership in the public eye. The domain owner has to provide valid details to claim the ownership of the purchase to the public. The valid details utilized to verified ownership of the domain, and irregular updates can cost ownership.

The global internet community reported that millions of unclaimed domains stolen by hackers and identity theft. No one can protect the domain owners without validating the details such as Name, DOB, Address, Phone number, and valid + active email.

Short Description: DVC is a way of verifying the SSL Certificate customer details.

Does Cloudflare support an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is an important aspect of digital security for the masses. Big-time players in the digital market have announced that SSL certificate security later is a must.

How to Complete Domain Control Validation (DCV)?

You have three methods of completing the DCV procedure, and the users can complete it within a few moments.

1. Email Validation

Email Validation is the easiest method a newbie can apply to solve the issue because it does not have any complicated parameter.

During the certificate activation, you have to enter a valid email address, so the Certificate Authority can send an email to verify. Check inbox for Certificate Authority email, where you have to verify it. New regulations of Certificate Authority (Comodo, now Section) are offering an ordinary way to confirm the identity. The CA will send an email to domain whois record via following domain-based emails [email protected] or [email protected].

2. HTTP-Based Validation

In the HTTP-based validation, the customers have to create a new text file and upload it in the root directory. Create a new text file and save details in the document, and upload it in the (<DOCUMENT_ROOT>/.well-known/pki-validation/) Location. During the activation, select DCV mode as “HTTP-based Validation” and the tool automatically locates the file.

3. Contact Customer Care

YouStable customer care can assists new customers or existing customers to accomplish the task. Our free SSL certificate does not ask the customer details because our smart technology enables the SSL Certificate to utilize the existing account details in it. In case, if any complicated issues occurred during the activation, and then let us know about it.


Usually, YouStable free SSL certificate does not include the activation process upon the users. We have developed a technology that eliminates manual tasks; this you have a ready-to-use service at hand. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.

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