How do I verify that my site is eligible for Domain transfer?

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How do I verify that my site is eligible for Domain transfer?

YouStable is domain registration, web hosting, and digital marketing agency located in Lucknow, India. We are familiar to new domains, old domains, expired domains, and other related stuff. Many customers prefer to Domain transfer from the registrar after a long thought. Domain transfer is not an easy task because there are so many things that a newbie has to take care of it.

An expert can effortlessly transfer a domain in a few clicks because they play by the rules and understand the industry standard policy. The domain transfer policy does not vary from Registrar to Registrar.

Simple Universal Rules for Domain transfer

The domain must comply with the following rules to ensure that it is eligible for transfer.

  1. A domain age must be above 60 days from registration.
  2. The Registrar protects the domain and owners from hackers and online identity thefts, so they lock it. Make sure that the Registrar has provided an unlock button.

A new domain registered below 60 days ago is not eligible for the transfer due to several business reasons. The domains are LOCKED from the transfer to keep it protect from illegal transfers.

Customer Care

If you are YouStable customers, then contact the support team via Phone, Email, and Ticket to get instant quick responses. Our support team will unlock the domain, verifies eligibility, and offer further assistance.

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