How do I upgrade/downgrade my hosting package?

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How do I upgrade/downgrade my hosting package?

YouStable allows the existing customers to upgrade or downgrade the web hosting package by sending a request to our Billing team in a ticket. Customers have to provide information such as domain name, current web hosting package, and the name of the package to upgrade/downgrade.

Hosting package Upgrade Process:

Our customer care is available for 24-hours a day so that we will process the upgrade/downgrade instantly. Downgrading the package will take one second to process it, but if you are upgrading the package, then there is a process. Our billing team offers upgrades/downgrades, and we will go through it. Our team will let the existing customer know about the upgrade price differences.

Hosting package Downgrade Process:

In the case of a downgrade, if the package leaves a lot of savings in the account balance, then you can use it cover future packages and upgrades as well. Keep in mind that we do not refund the money or transfer the money left the account balance. However, contact our customer care for refund process.

Bottom Line

Upgrade and Downgrading the web hosting package does not take more than a few minutes. Make sure you are active via email and check the ticket page in every few minutes. Do not hesitate to contact the customer care and process the email Upgrading and Downgrading packages.

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