How to Change DNS For a Domain?

How to change DNS for a Domain and it is an important aspect of a domain name. Many experts are going for the premium DNS, so they can improve the overall performance of the website. However, only a few people know about DNS change process. We are going to show the masses, how they can change the DNS using cPanel control panel.

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How to Change DNS for a Domain Using cPanel

Step 1: Login to the cPanel account using the correct credentials and YouStable sends an email to the registered email address of the user with cPanel login credentials. Take a quick peek at the snapshot to learn the pattern of cPanel login URL.

how to change dns

Step 2: Type “DNS” in the search bar, and then click on the “Zone Editor” to view the domain advanced options.

how to change dns

Step 3: Now, click on the “manage” to view more options of the domain, and you can access the DNS of the domain.

how to change dns

Step 4: Click on the drop-down option, and then add DNS to the domain.

how to change dns

Step 5: Users can add new DNS, Nameservers, and set-up email DNS IP address as well.

How to Change DNS For a  Domain? 1

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