How to connect a domain name to Tictail?

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How to connect a domain name to Tictail?

Tictail is a popular (free) online store set-up management for small business and start-up companies. The algorithm automatically assigns a sub-domain related to the users business store, and you can add a custom domain to remove it. YouStable is a web hosting and domain registration company, and you can add the newly purchased domain to Tictail.

The web hosting already points the basic DNS, so you have to remove it from the account. The DNS pointing to the domain is an essential part of the bonding between domain and web hosting. Tictail is a mediator offering one web store services, and they do not provide documentation on BasicDNS, PremiumDNS, backup DNS, and FreeDNS.

How to link Custom Domain to Tictail?

Follow our lead to link the newly purchased domain to Tictail.

Step 1: Go to the login page of YouStable account.


Step 2: In the main menu, you can find “Domains” and hover on it to view “My Domains.” Click on “My Domains” to view all registered domains available in the account.


Step 3: You can find all domains in here and click on “Advanced DNS” to remove basic DNS and replace it with Tictail DNS.


Step 4: After removing the old NameServers, you have to configure A Record pointing to and CNAME Record for www pointing to “”

Step 5: Click on “Save” to complete changes in the dashboard.

Now, you have to make changes in the Tictail account as well, or the bonding does not work at all.

How much time DNS linking takes?

The domain > Tictail (Web hosting) configuration takes plenty of time, and no one can provide accurate timing. Usually, the new collaboration takes around one minute to one hour to complete, so we recommend the users to wait for at least one hour.


Tictail is a great source to create an online web store, but YouStable offers Web hosting + Domain registration + Web designing and Digital marketing agency. We can offer a wide range of online web store services when compared to Tictail.

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