How to Create FTP Server using FileZilla

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How to Create FTP Server using FileZilla

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You must have heard of FileZilla somewhere and once in your lifetime.

What is FileZilla?

If you are a developer, web designer, or website developer, then you have to learn FileZilla because it makes the work go faster. I have used FileZilla FTP software to upload HTML website several times, and it saved plenty of time.

FileZilla is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software that enables the advanced users to create, edit, organize the website server or a server remotely. It does not require a browser, re-enter credentials every time and more.

HTML or HTML 5 web designers can relate to the problems of uploading multiple folders and filers in web hosting server is extremely difficult, and it consumes plenty of time. However, FileZilla uploads the files and folders in one click, and all you need is upload speed.

All you need is an FTP account and FileZilla. If you are using cPanel, then adding a new account is not an issue.

Create FTP Server Using FileZilla

First of all, the software is available for free to download on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. In my case, I am going to use a Windows operating system, but the steps remain the same across all platforms. 

Step 1: Download the file from the official site. You have to download FileZilla FTP Client, and there is another software called “FileZilla Server,” so do not get confused.

How to Create FTP Server

Step 2: Install the software like any other traditional freeware, and keep the numbers to default.

How to Create FTP Server

Step 3: Login to the control panel, and then search for FTP accounts.

How to Create FTP Server

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom, and you can find the FTP account list. You can create a new FTP account from the same page, so create a new one, if needed for the process.

How to Create FTP Server
  1. Click on the Configure FTP client.
  2. You can copy the manual settings to login FTP account as well.
  3. A configuration file that automatically set up the account on FileZilla.

Download the XML file because I am going to use it in the tutorial.

Step 5: Launch the freeware on your machine, and then click on File > Import.

How to Create FTP Server

Step 6: Locate the XML file in the download folder, and then click to select it, and then hit “open” to proceed.

How to Create FTP Server

Step 7: Click on “OK” to proceed.

How to Create FTP Server

Step 8: Now, click on File > Site Manager to set-up the account.

How to Create FTP Server

Step 9: Select the account, and then select the login type to “account” to enter the password. Now, add the password in the empty field, and then click on “OK” to complete the process.

How to Create FTP Server

Step 10: The “connect” option is available on the same page, so click on to connect to the FTP server.

How to Create FTP Server

You can log in to the account anytime with administrator rights. Users can create, edit, delete and organize the site in a few clicks.


Users can set-up FileZilla account manually, but I recommend the users to go for the XML configuration method because it prevents misconfiguration. Let us know what errors encountered during the process in the comment section below.

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