How to work with Python App?

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How to work with Python App?

The Setup Python App feature enables the users to work on web applications and the Apache server supports it. Fortunately, YouStable web hosting company offering cPanel control panel to the existing customers and new customers. If you are using cPanel classic or Retro theame, users can find the “Setup Python App” in software tab.

Follow my lead to setup and configure the Python App to run web applications on the website.

Configure Python App in cPanel

Yes, users need administrator access to cPanel and YouStable has sent you an email to registered email address with the control panel credentials after paying for the web hosting.

Step 1: Login to the control panel by adding (/cpanel) at the end of the domain.

How to work with Python App?

Step 2: Now, scroll down to the bottom or until software section shows up on the screen. Click “set-up Python App” and it will open another window.

How to work with Python App?

Step 3: Users have to customize it according to the requirements.

How to work with Python App?
  1. Select the Python version to support the web application on Apache web server.
  2. Select the directory, and give the project name or web application name.
  3. Select the domain, if you have multiple domains connected to the YouStable web hosting account.
  4. Click on “Setup” to complete the entry process.
  5. You have the option to go back to cPanel dashboard.

Step 4: Edit the application and consult the developer for more information. One wrong selection can interrupt the web application, and it can end up in a disaster.

How to work with Python App?

Step 5: At the end, we have four savior options. Update, Reset, Restart, and Remove.

How to work with Python App?

Users can come back anytime to edit the section, or they can simply remove it from the entire web hosting. All the changes and folders created during the process will be removed from the web hosting account. Users can confirm it by checking the file manager for the folder.

Bottom Line

The configuration of the web application does not take a lot of time, but make sure to consult the developers to avoid misconfiguration. Ultimately, anyone can set-up Python App using cPanel with YouStable web hosting company.

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