Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed

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Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed

You can find hundreds of IT Companies in Lucknow today, but only a few of them can meet your expectations. There are a thousand factors when we try to find the right IT Companies in Lucknow for employment and learning something new from them.

We have millions of students graduating from high school and University every year, and only a handful of people can make it big after finishing academics. The rest of the students are in the pursuit to learn a skill or course from the software development company in Lucknow.

While, the other group hunts for MNC Companies in Lucknow, and learning is the first step for everyone so that they can start innovative business or start-up. Today, we are going to look at top software companies in Lucknow, so you can find an ideal place to learn, implement, and make it big in a career.

TOP 10 IT Companies in Lucknow

SN IT Company Page Load Time Page Size Hosting Provider
1. Youstable 3.7 Sec 2.06 MB Youstable
2. Global web links 3.2 Sec 2.66 MB Reseller Club
3. Clickretina 5.3 Sec 2.00 MB Youstable
4. Sigma Software 8.3 Sec 4.95 MB Cyber Futuristics
5. Vexil Infotech Private Limited 10.3 Sec 5.37 MB De-cix Interwire
6. Singsys Software Service 7.7 Sec 3.34 MBAWS
7. Webdigitronix Softlabs 5.5 Sec 1.60 MB HEG Mass
8. CEDCOSS Technologies 6.8 Sec 2.84 MB InMotion Hosting
9.Omninet Technologies 10.6 Sec 10.1 MB CtrlS
10. Softgen Technologies 9.4 Sec 7.11 MB HostGator

1. YouStable

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 1
IT Companies in Lucknow

YouStable is a Web Hosting company in Lucknow including Website Designing, SEO in the list. The company is serving the international community with web hosting services, domain registration services, SEO services, Blogging, and other products & service for many years.

No one can deny that they have earned a reputation in the digital world for several years, and many people in the Blogging and SEO industry appreciate them. Currently, it is one of the successful IT Companies in Lucknow right now.

The company is responsible for designing some of the popular sites in the industry such as Pico, Only Loudest, and many more. YouStable special skills lie in SEO, where they have ranked hundreds of sites, blogs, and e-commerce stores in multiple countries.

A good start to rank a site, innovate the product, and get results with YouStable.

Foundation : 2012
Company size: 10-50 Employees
Customer Base: 
Specialty: Web Hosting, Website Development, Website Designing,
SEO, Bulk SMS, Digital Marketing,

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 2
IT Companies in Lucknow

Global Web Links is one of the IT Companies in Lucknow, and they have been around for a long time now. The company offers web marketing services, web designing services, and content writing services in Lucknow. In case, if you have no idea about sites, then they have packages that can get the site online within a few days. Apart from website designing company in Lucknow, they offer social media marketing and SEO services as well.

However, the SEO, Web hosting, and Domain services do not exceed YouStable level. Regarding prices to value, the Global Web Links does not beat the YouStable, and that’s the reason, why it ended up on the second position.

Foundation: 1999
Company Size:
10-20 Employees
Customer Base: 500+
Website Design, Website Development, Online Marketing,
Business Counsulting

3. ClickRetina

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 3
IT Companies in Lucknow

ClickRetina Website designing company in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The small company offers SEO services, content writing services, hosting, domain, Adwords services, search engine optimization services, and social media marketing services. Apart from providing services to the clients, they also provide training to the new learners, and students in the institute. The SEO services start from Rs.8,000 per month, and they offer two guests posts with SEO audit.

ClickRetina might be one of the top software companies in Lucknow, but they fall in SEO, Web hosting, Marketing, and other services when compared to the YouStable. The company does not use dedicated servers, and the pricing comes under on the expensive side.

ClickRetina is a good start for the beginners, who want to see visibility online under a tight budget. However, we cannot guarantee that their pricing is negotiable.

Foundation: 2015
Company Size:
15-20 Employees
Customer Base: 200+
SEO, SMO, Website Designing, Website Development,
Online Marketing, Bulk SMS, Adword, Content Writing

4. SigmaIT Softwares

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 4
IT Companies in Lucknow

Sigma Software digital services and they come under the IT Companies in Lucknow. The software development company in Lucknow offers software development is an ISO certified company that helps the client’s design responsive sites.

Clients can get the site ranked on search engines for a price with Sigma Software. You can take the assistance of the company to maintain an app, and they also develop the web application. The digital world evolves every single day, and it very important for the client to stay up to date with the web-based apps. Sigma Softwares re-engineer the web apps for compatibility.

Foundation: 2012
Company Size: 50-100
Customer Base: 400+
Specialty: Software Development, Android app development, SEO,
Website designing, E-Commerce Solution, Web Hosting

5. Vexil Infotech Private Limited

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 5
IT Companies in Lucknow

Vexil Infotech PVT LTD is an IT company located in Lucknow, and it stands in the list of software Development Company in Lucknow. Clients can purchase the licenses of the CRM to facilitate the customer operations smoothly. In case, if you are running a site that offers UBR services such as recharges, bill payment, IMPS, hotel bookings, and more.

e-Seller solutions for the clients that have a goal to increase the number of sales and expanding the business for the right price.

Foundation: 2007
Company Size:
Customer Base: 500+
Specialty: Web Desining, Software Development, Mobile App
development, Digital Marketing, Payment Gateway

6. Singsys Software Service

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 6
IT Companies in Lucknow

Singsys is a software development company in Lucknow, and they have been providing services to clients for a long time now. If the clients are expecting an innovative app for the business, then approaching them is an ideal choice. Web-based application usage has increased and Sinhsys ready to offer uniquely coded apps for the business.

We know that you are wondering, why it ended up on the sixth position in the list. The company does not offer flawless digital marketing services to the customers because it has too many loopholes. The same theory goes to web hosting services as well because YouStable offers better hosting services than Singsys.

For web-based application, Singsys Software Company is good enough to offer innovative services.

Foundation: 2009
Company Size: 
200+ Employees
Customer Base: 1000+
Mobile Application, Website Development, Digital
Marketing, E-commerce to Education Digital Studio

7. Webdigitronix Softlabs

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 7
IT Companies in Lucknow

Webdigitronix Softlabs is a software and Internet marketing company that offers wide range of services to clients and customers. The WDS mobile app development services come with an affordable price, so the customers don’t have to suffer from expensive charges. Internet marketing is a challenging field for many experts in the market, but it isn’t a big deal to the WDS Company. Webdigitronix Softlabs is one of the reliable IT Companies in Lucknow right now.

Foundation: 2012
Company Size: 
20-50 Employees
Customer Base: 1000+
Website Desining, Web development, Android traning,
SEO Training, E-Commerce Solution, Digital Marketing,
App development, Content marketing

8. CEDCOSS Technologies

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 8
IT Companies in Lucknow

CEDCOSS Technologies Private Limited is an Indian based software development company in Lucknow aiming to offer software-based solutions to international clients. The cognitive analysis of the business assists the companies to identify the loopholes within the business model. The data analysis of any small or big company helps the enterprise to understand the strengths and weakness.

CEDCOSS is an excellent software company that offers cybersecurity for the small and enterprise business. The cloud services lack strength and performance when compared to the YouStable Cloud data centers.

Foundation: 2010
Company Size:
51-200 Employees
Customer Base: 1000+
Specialty: php, Magento, Android, and IOS

9. Omninet Technologies

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 9
Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 10

Omninet stands on the top nine in IT Companies in Lucknow, and the company specializes in providing a work force for various tasks. Developing customized software for business is no big deal for them, and they can market the product online within a matter of moments. It would not come as a surprise that they also work on SEO and SEM for online visibility.

In case, if your company requires a dedicated technical team, then they can give you a hand in it as well. A dedicated team of writers is waiting for clients because they are extremely good at producing unique content.

Foundation: 1996
Company Size:
51-200 Employees
Customer Base:
Specialty: Website Development, Software Development, Mobile
app Development, Data Management, Content Creation, Digital Marketing

10. Softgen Technologies

Top 10 IT Companies in Lucknow and Their Website Speed 11
IT Companies in lucknow

At the tenth position, we have Softgen technologies that stand on the mountain of IT Companies in Lucknow. The software company offers digital services as well including SEO, SEM, content writing, CRM software services, and more.

The company has been on the ground providing standard services to the clients for a long time, but it could not find momentum regarding sustainability. The innovation is slightly on the downside, and it is one of the reasons, why it could not make it on the top of the list.

Foundation: 2008
Company Size: 
Customer Base: 800+
Softawre Development, Web development, Mobile App
development, Graphics Designing, Consulting service, SEO, SMO


Regarding Digital Marketing services, YouStable is a one-stop shop for customers and clients. Among millions of companies around the world growing at tremendous speed, these companies land on top software companies in Lucknow list. Let us know what do you think about best IT Companies in Lucknow in the comment section below.

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