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How to find an affiliate link or banner?

YouStable is a web hosting company offering web spaces for websites at affordable prices. The company also encourages affiliates link to promote the brand and earn a decent income. Our company has the highest sale commission percentage and minimum $5 … Read more

How do I change my Billing Cycle?

YouStable web hosting customer cannot change the billing cycle once paid the amount. But, they can change the billing cycle during the renewal period. In case, if you want to change it, then contact YouStable customer care ([email protected]) for further … Read more

How do I upgrade/downgrade my hosting package?

YouStable allows the existing customers to upgrade or downgrade the web hosting package by sending a request to our Billing team in a ticket. Customers have to provide information such as domain name, current web hosting package, and the name … Read more

How do I change password for my account?

YouStable designed the custom managing panel for change password to the new customers and existing customers. The design inspired by beginners suggestions and community recommendations. Our customer managing panel offers simple and easy to master controls. The options do not … Read more

Do you have a secure way to login YouStable?

YouStable is a web hosting, domain registration, and SEO agency company. Our company built on morals, and it does reflect in the hospitality. We have also secure way to login to avoid hacker attacks, privacy invaders, and any form of … Read more

Youstable Coupon Code and offers | 100% Working

We offer a discount on selected packages so that the customers can knock off a few bucks. We update our Youstable coupon codes list every month, so make sure to come back and check for the latest offers. Every month … Read more

How to find your Youstable Affiliate Link?

Youstable affiliate option for every user and anyone can register a new account with our company, and start generating income. You can use existing web hosting account, or create a new account to get started in youstable affiliate commissions. Step … Read more

Domains & DNS

How to Transfer from HostGator?

Transferring a domain from HostGator happens within a few moments, but there are a few things that the users have to complete. The registrar has to follow the ICANN procedure, so you have to accept them as well. It takes … Read more

What is WhoisGuard?

WhoisGuard is a service connected to your domain if purchased during the registration, renewal and later on. WhoisGuard is a privacy protection service that keeps the privacy invaders from seeing your name, phone number, home/work address, email address, and more … Read more

How can I complete domain control validation for SSL certificate?

Domain Control Validation (DCV) is a security mark for the domain owners, and no one should avoid it at any cost. Millions of people do not pay attention to the details, which lands them in the red zone. Domain Control … Read more

How to connect a domain name to Tictail?

Tictail is a popular (free) online store set-up management for small business and start-up companies. The algorithm automatically assigns a sub-domain related to the users business store, and you can add a custom domain to remove it. YouStable is a … Read more

What is the Share Access option used for in Domain?

Domains names are accessible via administrator account created on YouStable or other domain registrars. There are several aspects of the Share Access, and it does have benefits to certain companies. Large companies have hundreds of employees working on the project, … Read more

How to set up DNS records in CloudFlare account?

Cloudflare CDN has risen to fame unique services and packages to the customers. The company developed technology to improve the website performance and support it. Millions of people are using Cloudflare free service or basic service that does not have … Read more

.ES Domain Registration Requirements

The Spanish government introduced top TLD domain name that represents Spain, and there are .ES Domain registration requirements. It’s quite impressive that Spain has taken a few steps to ensure that .ES domain extension does not get utilized by scammers. … Read more

Are There Any Alternate Dynamic DNS Clients?

Dynamic DNS Clients are an important aspect of a domain name, but it serves a greater purpose for websites with good traffic. It might not do any good for smaller sites that have little to no traffic. Do not bother … Read more

What Should I do to Domain Transfer from Namecheap?

Namecheap is a popular domain, web hosting, and SSL certificate provider. Every company has flaws, and Namecheap is no exception to it, and we are going to show how to Domain transfer from Namecheap to YouStable in a few clicks. … Read more

How to Change DNS For a Domain?

How to change DNS for a Domain and it is an important aspect of a domain name. Many experts are going for the premium DNS, so they can improve the overall performance of the website. However, only a few people … Read more

What is DNSSEC?

DNSSEC is a complex method that ICANN came up with it a few years ago. Every web hosting company, domain Registration Company, and third­-party security companies have to follow it. The DNSSEC is a combination of two words, 1) DNS … Read more

What is Whois?

Whois is a service created to assists the user to find the domain owner basic details provided during the registration. Whois allows users to learn about the basic information that does not include passwords and usernames. ICANN regulations directed the … Read more

How to Create a CNAME Record For Your Domain?

YouStable offers cPanel as a control panel, so the users don’t have to face complications with different types of user-interface. Adding CNAME recored with YouStable’s cPanel is extremely, and we are going to assist you. Step 1: Login to the … Read more

What are the benefits of Dedicated IP Address?

Newbies easily confused over shared hosting and dedicated web hosting, and they start scratching the heads. The cheapest solution is shared hosting and it comes with awesome features that everyone attracted to it. However, no one knows the benifites of … Read more

What is DNS Propagation and How it’s works?

What is DNS propagation? Domains owners change the nameservers to point to the new servers or web hosting provider. The changes consume 24 hours to 48 hours to take effects, and it is called DNS propagation. Internet service provider nodes … Read more

How to Allow or Block IP address by Country Using .htaccess

Privacy invaders, Hackers, Competitors and others attack your site to lower your rank or try to cause inconvenience, so your business does not do well. YouStable offers cPanel full version to the registered users so that you can get the … Read more

How to Transfer Domain from GoDaddy?

Transfer domain from GoDaddy to YouStable will result in downtime for a few days. When you transfer domain from GoDaddy, the nameservers associated with the old account gets removed. The old registrar will stop responding to the queries, and you … Read more

How to Redirect a URL For a Domain?

We have times when the sites require additional traffic from another similar domain. We can move the traffic from to and thanks to the YouStable’s cPanel control panel that provides you the redirection options. Of course, you can … Read more

How To Transfer Domain from Wild West Domains

Transfer domain is no big deal from Wild West Domains to YouStable Company. If you are wondering, whether your site will experience downtime, then do not worry about it because you are transfer domain only. The web hosting Nameservers remains … Read more

Using Default Nameservers vs Youstable Nameservers

Name servers are part of the Domain Name System (DNS) that assists the hosting server to find the domain name added to the hosting account. A quick comparison explains the scene of default Nameservers and Hosting Nameservers. Particulars Default Nameservers … Read more

What is an Auth/EPP Code?

Auth / EPP code is an extra layer of security. The domain registrars offer an extra layer of security to the domains that bind it to the account. No one can steal it from you, and it prevents any unauthorized … Read more

Linux Hosting(cPanel)

How to move a certificate between Apache Web Server?

Millions of digital marketing agencies and freelancing individuals operate multiple sites in one server. We do have times when switching from one server to another server hits in the top priority list. A good web hosting offer is enough to … Read more

How to manage WHM Features?

What is WHM Features? Web Host Manager is also known as WHM, which is a powerful back end administrative tool for cPanel. Millions of web hosting resellers are using it on a daily basis and no one can replace it … Read more

How to Add Custom Error Page?

Websites have default 404 error page to inform the readers or visitors that they have landed on a non-existent page. Websites with custom error page have a higher conversion rate and better engagement than regular ones. What is Error Page? … Read more

How to reboot VPS or dedicated server through WHM?

Reboot VPS or Dedicted server is an efficient way to get rid of the unnecessary files, services, and programs running in the background. A simple reboot can fix high CPU usage and high memory usage, and it is an important … Read more

How to check memory usage Linux on a VPS?

WHM (Web Host Manager) enable the users to manage web hosting account and it is a control panel for resellers. If you are a reseller, then you must have access to administrator reseller account. The software used to manage the … Read more

How to Create Addon Domain in cpanel?

YouStable web hosting the majority of the packages comes with cPanel as a control panel. The company added cPanel on the request of community and existing customer’s feedback. Users can create addon domains in cPanel, so it shouldn’t be an … Read more

How to Create FTP Server using FileZilla

YouStable web hosting packages integrated with cPanel, so create FTP Server account with us takes a few moments. You must have heard of FileZilla somewhere and once in your lifetime. What is FileZilla? If you are a developer, web designer, … Read more

How to Create FTP Account in cPanel?

YouStable web hosting company accounts integrated with control panel. We are going to show you, how you can create FTP account from cPanel. Before we begin, allow us to give a quick introduction about FTP connection and its advantages. What … Read more

How to Change your cPanel Style?

YouStable web hosting packages come with cPanel as a control panel. Make sure to check the packages to learn about the control panels. cPanel is a popular control panel that millions of web hosting users prefer over custom panels. No … Read more

cPanel login URL | How to Access cPanel?

cPanel is a popular control panel offered by major web hosting companies such as YouStable website hosting company. We do have users don’t know how to access the cpanel login URL due to several unknown reasons. I am going to … Read more

Control Panel | What is cPanel and how it works

YouStable proudly presents cPanel as control panel to the users. The cPanel is available in several packages that we offer, but make sure to check for additional information or contact us to confirm it. Many newbies get confused after taking … Read more

How to Create cPanel Account?

YouStable web hosting services offer cPanel full version control panel to the users. Create cPanel account is an excellent control panel for the WHM users and cPanel end-customer users. Create cPanel Account for End Users The customers or users do … Read more

How to Create Subdomain in cPanel

Subdomain is a small part of the larger domain under the Domain Name System hierarchical system. Business people create subdomain to related products and unique content with a website.  You can take YouStable blog platform, we have created the sub-domain to host a … Read more

What is the difference between cPanel vs WHM

Many of the newbies have confusion between cPanel vs WHM. We have a different perceptive both control panels because they offer a different set of features. What is a Reseller? Reseller is a domain or web hosting account that many … Read more


Firefox Error Code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long

If you have a Firefox browser that has an error on the screen, while accessing your site after changing from HTTP to HTTPS, then you have a serious problem here. First, try to test the site on the Chrome browser … Read more

What is Certificate Transparency?

Google Company has announced a new combination of words for an SSL Certificate, and it is called “Certificate Transparency.” The millennial does not understand the concept of CT, and we are here to clear all doubts & confusions. What is … Read more

How To do SSL Certificate Renewal?

YouStable is a web hosting, domain registration and digital marketing company based in India. We offer SSL certificate to the users for free of cost. And, we do not charge for the SSL certificates one year later or so. If … Read more

How to Remove SSL certificate with your cPanel Plugin?

An SSL Certificate is an important aspect today, but several website founders are using HTTP embed content on the site. Unfortunately, SSL certificate does not allow HTTP based content on the site, and it happens a lot with websites that … Read more

How Can I Find the Private Key for SSL Certificate?

YouStable listens to the existing customers, and we heard it. YouStable offers cPanel web hosting to the customers so that the users can create, edit, and manage the site with the full version of the cPanel. By now, you already … Read more

How Do I Activate an SSL Certificate?

YouStable offers a free SSL certificate to the new customers and existing customers, and we also activate it after a few hours of the account activation. However, in some cases, if you have purchased an SSL certificate from a third-party … Read more

HTTP to HTTPS redirect htaccess code | 100% working in cPanel

An SSL Certificate also is known as a secure socket layer certificate, and it offers security encryption for the websites. HTTP to HTTPS redirect htaccess code, then you have to configure it in the htaccess Redirect Domain. YouStable offers cPanel to … Read more

What is URL Redirect and How Does It Work

URL Redirect also known as URL Forwarding used by millions of website founders to redirect the old domain to a newer domain. Many businesses changes the company or merge with another company, and they redirect the old business domain to … Read more

How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in Windows IIS

Million of professionals manage the server with the help of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server. Search engines and the visitors are preferring sites that have SSL certificate enabled, or it has HTTPS protocol to secure the data … Read more

What is An RSA Key Used For?

RSA stands for the surname of the founders of the technology, “Rivest, Shamir, & Adleman (public key encryption technology).” RSA algorithm used in the SSL certificate and it is called “RSA KEY.” The private key used for symmetric key exchange … Read more

Email Tutorial

Spam Protection

Every online business company has a Spam Protection system installed. YouStable blessed the existing paying customers with cPanel so that the users can get the best manager in the world. Spam is a major problem for every online business, and … Read more

How to change MX Records and Email Routing in cPanel?

I am wondering how to change MX Records and Email Routing in cPanel? YouStable is offering cPanel web hosting to the new and existing customer, so it should not take more than three minutes to complete the process. First, we … Read more

How to set up Email Forwarding in cpanel?

YouStable heard the existing customers and community bring the cPanel as control panel a few years back, and we are now offering it on web hosting packages. Youstable offers advanced email forwarding in cPanel options, and users can configure the … Read more

How to Set Up Free Email Forwarding

Free Email forwarding is an option for email users that want to receive all emails from different accounts to one place. YouStable offers cPanel as a control panel so that you can find the option in the control panel itself. … Read more

How to Login YouStable Private Email Webmail

YouStable users utilizes cPanel as control panel, so you can access site functions and features comfortably. Method One: Login from Webmail Step 1: Type the domain name and add webmail to it, and then hit enter. Step 2: The cPanel … Read more


How to add favicon to a WordPress Website?

WordPress is a globally recognized content management system that covered 30% of the websites in the World Wide Web today. Originally, the official developers added several features to the platform to make it user-friendly. The CMS targets beginners with zero … Read more

How to optimize & speed up WordPress site?

WordPress is a widely-used content management system option in the world today. WP offers flexibility to create, edit and remove functions making the WP one of the most likeable CMS in the industry. Speedup wordpress site performance depends on the … Read more

How to transfer WordPress Multisite (WPMU)?

WordPress multisite users install the WordPress on a subfolder due to several reasons, but if you have purchased YouStable affordable SSD hosting, and planning to move it on the main folder, then you can do it. In this tutorial, we … Read more

How to Create a WordPress Staging Site?

WordPress is a popular content management system utilized by millions of people around the world. The CMS assist the people in creating, edit and manage a website without technical knowledge. A website produces a lot of content daily, and the … Read more

How to move WordPress in subdirectory?

Move WordPress in subdirectory is an easy task. If the user has multiple sites hosted on one web hosting account, then moving the site from subfolder to root directory might come in handy. Users do not have to worry about … Read more

How to reset WordPress password? Without Username / Password

WordPress is a popular content management system used by millions of people around the world. The CMS offers wide-range of features and customizations that no other similar web-application can provide today. Users can access the WordPress admin panel by entering … Read more

What is WordPress Cron and how to work with it?

WordPress Cron is an excellent tool used by millions of experts in the industry. I have seen several beginners, who do not know about the WordPress Cron. The official developers did not add the feature in the package, and that … Read more

How to Migrate WordPress Site from Shared Hosting?

Migrate WordPress site from one web hosting to another web hosting invites a lot of problems. You can make millions of companies offering migrate WordPress services to the customers, and the price starts from $100 to $10,000 depending on the … Read more

EasyWP How to access your WordPress Dashboard?

WordPress Dashboard is a content management system that millions of people are using every single day. According to the statistics, 30% of the websites running on the World Wide Web managed by the WordPress dashboard. Today, we are going to … Read more

How to Upload Files on WordPress?

WordPress is a popular content management system that changed the course of the internet blogging. The popular CMS covers 30% or above the percentage of the website in the World Wide Web today. If you are new to the WordPress … Read more

How to Edit wp-config.php File in WordPress?

WordPress is a popular open-source content management system that allows users to create organizes, manage, and edit the site. The file “wp-config.php” is a core system file of WordPress CMS, and the users can edit the file to customizations. Follow … Read more

How to fix the Error too Many Redirects on WordPress

The error “ERROR TOO MANY REDIRECTS” occurs on WordPress platform. It might look like a simple problem that has one issue, and you can solve it in a few clicks. Unfortunately, it is one problem that occurred for several reasons, … Read more

General Questions

How to check if Namecheap VPN is working?

NameCheap is a Web Hosting company cum Domain Registrar Company. It might come as a surprise that NameCheap Company started to offer VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to the masses. Yes, you can start using the premium version of VPN … Read more

CSR generation on Google Cloud services

The reputed companies add CSR to their servers and it stands for Certificate Signing Request. CSR is one of the first steps to get an SSL Certificate for the website or private server. The CSR generated on the same server, … Read more

Apply 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Optimized WordPress

There are too many factors involving server slowdowns and figuring out the initial problems should be on the administrator To-Do list for Optimized WordPress. A newbie would find it difficult to identify the culprit and tackle it because beginners lack … Read more

EasyWP List of PHP functions disabled on EasyWP platform

YouStable and many other fellow web hosting companies decided to disable PHP functions. The “disabling” factor showed up on our priority list because it compromises the security giving a clear path for privacy invaders, hackers, and identity thefts to happen. … Read more

How do I verify that my site is eligible for Domain transfer?

YouStable is domain registration, web hosting, and digital marketing agency located in Lucknow, India. We are familiar to new domains, old domains, expired domains, and other related stuff. Many customers prefer to Domain transfer from the registrar after a long … Read more

cPanel VPS or Dedicated Server transfer to Youstable

YouStable is a reputed web hosting company offering cPanel VPS and Dedicated servers to the customers at affordable prices. Our company believes in full control over the web hosting accounts with fully functional control panels. How does it work at … Read more

How to point a domain to Coming soon page?

A newly purchased domain name does have a purpose for its existence, but it can happen somewhere near future. Founders of the websites do not want the people land on an empty site, so reminding them about “coming soon” or … Read more

How to find an affiliate link or banner?

YouStable is a web hosting company offering web spaces for websites at affordable prices. The company also encourages affiliates link to promote the brand and earn a decent income. Our company has the highest sale commission percentage and minimum $5 … Read more

Does Cloudflare support an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is an important aspect of digital security for the masses. Big-time players in the digital market have announced that SSL certificate security later is a must. Cloudflare CDN is standing on the top as a free Content Delivery … Read more

Google malicious content – hints on how to remove it?

Google Malicious Content is a serious threat to the entire community, and it can lead to several problems for site administrator and visitors. The search engine giant cannot ignore such a site using company based products such as Adsense/display advertisement … Read more

Do you support ASP.NET?

YouStable is an Indian based web hosting company offering wide-range of packages. Fortunately, we allow customers to run ASP.NET based scripts on VPS/Dedicated servers. Keep in mind that only Linux based servers can run ASP.NET based websites on the platform. … Read more

Do you perform data backups for VPS users?

YouStable is a reputed Indian web hosting company offering packages at an affordable price. We as a company offer cPanel web hosting that enables the users to create, edit, and manage websites in a few clicks. Also you can get … Read more

How to work with Python App?

The Setup Python App feature enables the users to work on web applications and the Apache server supports it. Fortunately, YouStable web hosting company offering cPanel control panel to the existing customers and new customers. If you are using cPanel … Read more

How to set up Hotlink Protection? Enable / Disable

Hotlink Protection is a feature available in the cPanel control panel, and only a few professional uses it. Millions of people using cPanel are not aware of the feature potential and the kind of protective layer it adds to the … Read more

How to fix HTTP Error 500 Internal server error?

What is Error 500? An internal server error occurred by application, incorrect configuration and server issue can lead to error 500. The scenario, where the readers or visitors clicked or entered a specific URL, and the server failed to show … Read more

How to upgrade RAM/HDD on VPS/Dedicated server?

YouStable web hosting company offering VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting at an affordable price. Our company does not put pressure on the users trying to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS or Dedicated hosting. Websites grow at a tremendous rate … Read more

R1Soft Backup on Business Packages?

What is the R1Soft Backup? Someone from your group might have suggested you use R1Soft Backup without enough information. cPanel business users have an advanced option to save the control panel data to a secure location. Yes, users can save … Read more

How to install Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP stack (LAMP) on CentOS 7?

Web hosting servers require a software to create, edit, and manager a website and it consumes very less resources compared to Windows Server OS. LAMP stand for Linux operating system, and it applies to Apache, MariaDB and PHP scripts as … Read more

What operating systems is Best for Dedicated Server?

Dedicated web hosting is a powerful server for websites, and it can handle one million hits per day without any issues. Dedicated server are an important aspect of the website including operating systems. Every server in existence requires software to … Read more

How to find Affiliate Coupon Codes?

Finding affiliate coupon codes in YouStable affiliate program is very easy. What is Affiliate Coupon Codes? Experts may consider the explanation time waste, but the masses do not understand the value of affiliate coupon codes. Affiliate coupon codes are discount … Read more

How to reset WHMCS password?

WHMCS is a control panel for reseller web hosting accounts. Millions of resellers utilize the featured control panel on a daily basis, and the platform has new account holders every single day. Mastering the control panel is an essential part, … Read more

How to build an online presence?

Build an Online presence is important for an individual or brand for sales and generating followers online. No one can deny that a good following improves brand awareness and it increases the sales as well. Millions of people are investing … Read more

How to add Google Analytics to your site?

Google Analytics add greater value to the site founder, who is aiming to offer better content and improve the current standpoint of the services, product, and application. What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a free tool available for the … Read more

How to Clear Cache in Different Browsers?

Web browsers enable users to visit sites, browse the internet, and do various kinds of things online. No one can deny that a web browser has revolutionized over the years. A web browser was capable enough to view a website, … Read more

Do you allow Image Hosting Sites?

YouStable web hosting company offers a wide range of packages for different requirements of the customers & clients. Does YouStable allow Image Hosting Sites? Answer: Yes, but in VPS and Dedicated server accounts only. What is Image Hosting? Image hosting … Read more

What is Sandbox?

What is Sandbox? Sandbox plays a crucial role in software development and program execution. It is a software feature that allows the programs such as Windows executable files to run in Sandbox so that it can contain the harmful virus, … Read more

What’s the difference between Shared and Managed Hosting?

The confusion between shared and managed hosting does not have an end to it while many argue that it does not make much of a difference, and the other half a different story to tell. Shared hosting is quickly the … Read more

How to upload HTML website using FileZilla?

An HTML and HTML5 website adds greater value to the founders when they have developers on their side. Learning a few things do save a few bucks, and it helps the users to gain more knowledge in the knowledge bank. … Read more

What is PTR Record? How to add one or manage?

The millennium believe that domain and web hosting is a combination of mathematics and Physics. No one clears the doubts of an individual and it leads to confusion and every function in the process of domain and web hosting is … Read more

How can I check my Website Access Logs?

YouStable proudly presents cPanel as a control panel to the new customers and existing customer to check website access logs. There is an advanced option called “Raw Access Logs” that allows the users to check the website access logs. What … Read more

How to Create FTP Server using FileZilla

YouStable web hosting packages integrated with cPanel, so create FTP Server account with us takes a few moments. You must have heard of FileZilla somewhere and once in your lifetime. What is FileZilla? If you are a developer, web designer, … Read more

How to generate XML Sitemap and Submit?

Generate XML Sitemap is one of the underrated techniques suggested by many experts. Everyone extensively focuses too much on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that the Sitemap overshadowed by the SEO subject. Today, we are going to prove the importance of … Read more

What is Premium DNS?

Free DNS vs Premium DNS is an argument that many newbies and professionals have among them. Now, the question remains the same? Which one is the best for my site? Premium DNS sounds industrial, and it has a strong voice … Read more

What Is An Index Page?

The language in sites and servers are different from the regular vocabulary. The Index Page stands for the front page of the website in a web hosting or a server. It’s just like a home button in any browser like … Read more