Manage Google Ads using AD Inserter

Manage Google Ads using AD Inserter

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Manage Google Ads using AD Inserter

Manage Google Ads using AD Inserter

Managing Google Ads manually on each page of your blog website is a tedious task. Ad Inserter Plugin solves this issue and helps arranging multiple ads with least efforts. If you show ads on your website, its always difficult task to:

1) Add the different google ad sense codes at appropriate locations on your website and change its position until it best fits according to your content.

2) Replace the existing code with non-performing ads with new ads.

3) Insert your ads at the right spot on your site.

Ad Inserter Pluggin on WordPress by Igor Funa helps manage and insert Ads such as Google AdSense, Amazon Associates,, etc. efficiently. Moreover, both google and amazon recommends this plugin for inserting their ads, which proves it to be best among all.

Lets quickly check how this popular plugin works:

Create an Ad With Ad Inserter:

I will be using the free version of Ad Inserter which includes most of the features and makes it an excellent option for bloggers. I will surely discuss few extra features that you can get in its Pro version in the end.


1) Open WordPress Admin Page – Plugins – Add New – Search “AD Inserter” by Igor Funa – Install Activate it – Click Settings.

Manage Google Ads using AD Inserter 2

2) You can open Ad Inserter Settings from two options:

a) Plugins – Installed Plugins – AD Inserter – Settings.

b) WordPress Settings – Ad Inserter

3) Ad Inserter displays various Blocks e.g, Block 1, Block 2 etc. in which you can insert your Ad Code provided by Google Ad Sense etc.

You have an option to use 16 different adds/blocks with the free version.

Note: If you are unable to see Ad Inserter Blocks, kindly disable your Google Chrome browser AD Block Plus plugin.

Manage Google Ads using AD Inserter 3

4) Now in the Block 1, insert the Google Ad Sense Code.

<script async


<!– Responsive Ad unit –>

<ins class=”adsbygoogle”





data-full-width-responsive=”true”> </ins>


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


Note: Don’t use the above code. Its only for demo purpose. If your website is eligible for Google AD Sense, use the code from your Ad Sense Account.

Manage Google Ads using AD Inserter 4

5) At Bottom, check the Widget, Shortcode and PHP boxes.

Manage Google Ads using AD Inserter 5
Use ShortCode to show the Ads

6) Now you can insert ads by two ways easily on your website:

a) Insertion: You will find various options to select, e.g., After Paragraph 2, it means on each post, after the 2nd paragraph from top the add will be displayed.

Manage Google Ads using AD Inserter 6

b) Manual: You get the shortcode [adinserter block=”1″] which can now be inserted in the blog-post at an appropriate place.

Manage Google Ads using AD Inserter 7
Use ShortCode in the Blog

Both options are good, however I like manual option to be the best. Simply pasting the shortcode in the blog at appropriate place rather than coping the whole ad again & again.

7) You can create multiple ads in Google Ad Sense and insert it in these blocks and use them to one by one accordingly in blog post.

What’s extra in Ad Inserter Pro Version:

The free version offers more than enough functionality however, the Pro version has few more advantages. Don’t miss the below reasons you may think to pay for the Pro version:

1) Upto 96 Blocks
You get maximum 16 different ad blocks in free version. If you ever run out, the Pro version expands that limitations and extends it upto 96 blocks.

2) Sticky Ad Positions
Ad Inserter Pro lets you display “sticky” ads that stay with users (with an optional close button) as they scroll down the page.

3) Country-Level Geo-targeting
Ad Inserter Pro also makes it possible to geo-target your ads to specific countries, which is helpful if you want to show ads to users viewing from specific locations.

How Much Does Ad Inserter Pro Cost?

There are four different Ad Inserter Pro plans:

Personal – $20 – 64 code blocks and use on 2 sites
Freelancer – $30 – 64 code blocks and use on 5 sites
Business – $50 – 80 code blocks and use on 25 sites
Corporate – $100 – 96 code blocks and use on 100 sites


Ad Inserter is a very useful WordPress Plugin for inserting Google Ads at pre-defined locations on your website on all your posts in one single step. How easy it will be to place multiple different ads in a blog by using its multiple block shortcodes. In the starting phase of a blogger, the free version has enough features, however, if you need more functionality, the Pro version contains a great value in itself by giving you upto 64 blocks starting at just $20.

If you wish to try Ad Inserter on your website or have ever faced any issues while using it, do let us know in the comments below. Thankyou for reading our blog.

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