How to Migrate WordPress Site from Shared Hosting?

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How to Migrate WordPress Site from Shared Hosting?

Migrate WordPress site from one web hosting to another web hosting invites a lot of problems. You can make millions of companies offering migrate WordPress services to the customers, and the price starts from $100 to $10,000 depending on the site size.

Why Migrate WordPress Site Cost A Lot?

The risk of data loss is higher in migration, which is one of the major reasons professionals get hired for the task. Not everyone can afford $100 or more to hire a professional, so we are going to show WordPress users a way to migrate wordpress site without any issues.

Yes, anyone with basic skills can do it.

1. Export WordPress site

We have to download the export file to local storage, so make sure to have at least 10 GB of free space in any partition. It’s time to create a back-up of the entire site including the content of the site, and the rest.

Keep in mind, we are on old site, and we are preparing the back up to migrate.

Step 1: Login to the WordPress site and click on “Plugins > Add New.”

migrate wordpress

Step 2: Type “All-in-one WP Migration” in the search bar, and then click on “Install Now” then activate the plugin.

migrate wordpress

Step 3: In the left sidebar, you can find the All-in-one WP Migration settings, and click on it to view the “Export” option.

migrate wordpress

Step 4: In the export section, click on “Export To” and select “file” to download the back-up file in the local storage.

migrate wordpress

Step 5: It takes a few moments for the plugin to create a back-up of the entire WordPress site. A few moments later, you have the file size on your screen including the download link.

migrate wordpress

Download the file to local storage and do not tamper to maintain the security. Also, do not save the file in a virus, adware, spyware, or any malware infected computer. Do not delete the site and host it on a sub-domain for a while.

2. Settings and Information

Remember, if you are not worried about the downtime caused by the migration, then learn about changing Nameservers and DNS of the domain.

Also, go to Settings > Permalinks > Post name to avoid URL issues. Set-up WordPress site on the new YouStable web hosting account and install the “All-in-one WP Migration” then activate it.

3. Exporting WordPress Site

Make sure to install the “All-in-one WP Migration” on the new WordPress site as well. The migration process affects the site up-time, and it typically takes 24-hours to 48-hours for the search engine to crawl the site again.

Step 1: Click on “import” button.

migrate wordpress

Step 2: You have the option to drag and drop the downloaded back-up file or click on “FILE” to open the file locater.

migrate wordpress

Step 3: Select the back-up file and let the plugin go through the uploaded file.

migrate wordpress

Step 4: In a few moments, you will have a confirmation page on the screen.

migrate wordpress

Do not close the window or shut down the browser because it can cause a lot of problems. In case, if the window or browser goes “not responding” or freeze mode, then be patient.


You may come across a lot of errors, so install clean WordPress again to avoid errors. We recommend the WordPress site migrated users to wait for a day for the search engine to crawl the site. Server downtime and rankings will be affected during the process, and it typically takes 48-hours to appear in search results.

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