What is Premium DNS?

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What is Premium DNS?

Free DNS vs Premium DNS is an argument that many newbies and professionals have among them. Now, the question remains the same? Which one is the best for my site? Premium DNS sounds industrial, and it has a strong voice to it. Free DNS seems lightweight to many professionals, while many users love it.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name Server used 99.99% of the websites in World Wide Web. The explanation may confuse the masses, but I will make it easier for the readers to understand the complex version of DNS.

  1. Domains are nothing but server IP address, so you have to type IP address in the browser to visit a website.
  2. However, the Domain Name Server helps the founders of the site to create an interesting name for the site.
  3. Do you type ( to visit YouStable, Google, Spotify, Dailymotion, and other sites? The Domain Server IP address combines with the domain name, and then we have Domain Name Server.

DNS is a combination of domain name + server IP address and that’s the bottomline.

End of the DNS technology explanation.

Is Premium DNS Necessary?

Premium domain name servers come with best SLA (service-level agreement.) The SLA also offers 100% uptime in the package as well, so there is no “IF” in the contract. Many believe that Premium DNS offers faster lookup speeds, and it is absolutely true.

Premium DNS also allows the users to personalize DNS configuration and it increases the security, when compared to the free DNS.

Web hosting companies add free DNS in the package, so the masses does not know much about it until or unless, they are affected by missing Premium DNS feature.

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