How to reboot VPS or dedicated server through WHM?

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How to reboot VPS or dedicated server through WHM?

Reboot VPS or Dedicted server is an efficient way to get rid of the unnecessary files, services, and programs running in the background. A simple reboot can fix high CPU usage and high memory usage, and it is an important aspect of VPS and Dedicated server to free up the resources.

What is WHM?

WHM (Web Host Manager) is a reseller account that allows the administrator to work in the back end of cPanel control panel accounts. Web hosting companies blessed with WHM control panel to control, manage, create, edit, and access the directories. WHM is a software (example: operating system) to manage websites and servers, and it consists of hardware such as CPU, RAM, SSD or HDD, and Power supply.

Reboot VPS Server or Dedicated Server in WHM

Login to the WHM account with correct details, and if you have purchased the account from YouStable, then we have sent you an email with credentials. Check the registered email address inbox for the credentials email from our end.

Step 1: Login to the dashboard.

reboot vps

Step 2: In the search bar, type “reboot” and you have a few results showing up on the screen.

reboot vps

Forceful Reboot: It will not give any function or feature running in the background excuse to stop rebooting. So data loss is to be expected from forceful reboot process, it is not the recommended feature to newbies. Until or unless, you are sure about the forceful reboot, do go for it.

Graceful Reboot: A smoother version of the forceful reboot, where the server does not close all programs and functions running in the background. If there is a risk of data loss, then it pauses the process to save the information.

Step 3: I have selected forceful reboot to demonstrate and click on “proceed” to begin the rebooting process.

reboot vps

Step 4: You have a progress bar at the bottom notifying that the rebooting is beginning.

reboot vps

In a few moments, the entire server will reboot and restart.


If you are a newbie without any experience, then go for a graceful reboot as it has a lesser risk of data loss. Servers are a complicated subject for newbies, so contact the customer care for further information.

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