The impact of Fake reviews on Google Plus, Facebook Page, and Directories

The impact of Fake reviews on Google Plus, Facebook Page, and Directories

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The impact of Fake reviews on Google Plus, Facebook Page, and Directories

The impact of Fake reviews on Google Plus, Facebook Page, and Directories

If you are starting a new business, it is critical that you take your business info online. Creating your business page on Facebook, Google Plus, Directories and more can really help boost your business. And with new pages comes the responsibility of increasing the reputation of the page and through the page. This can easily do through offering review which is provided by new visitors or experienced users.

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Reviews on your site aren’t the only thing that matter while increasing your business page reputation, the sources of the study are also important. As it is commonly known that a visitor won’t just leave a review unless and until they are actually happy or slightly unhappy.

And getting a positive review is important as this can really impact a new client’s decision making. Even as a new or old business choosing to get clients for offering paid review may look sweet at first but turns out to be completely opposite at time.

Here are 4 critical reasons why you should defiantly avoid grabbing fake reviews on your Business page:

One of the biggest reason why you should avoid using fake reviews is for the Google database. Google studies trend and the growth of page while ranking it up to the top. And if your reviews include any suspicious activity then you can be sure to say your profile goodbye.

Google can easily blacklist your page from ever ranking, or your website can also be panelized. Worst case scenario is that your page will seize to even local popup searches and have really less traffic.

The last thing that you would want is to pay for fake review which wouldn’t have any effect at all. This just means all the money you could have used to boost your page in a positive way is now gone in a manhole.

How would that happen? Well, there are a lot of companies that offer fake reviews all over the world, many of which are done with emails and photos. Caught the drift yet? Yes, the search engine would defiantly track down those take comment using the overused email id and images. And ultimately this would mean no effect on your page or even get penalized.

If getting penalized isn’t a thing that you would want to see someday happening to yourself or your business page, then I suggest you defiantly avoid using fake reviews. As the business and the owner is stepping up get popularized in a short period of time, the penalization related towards scamming quick popularity is also increasing. You can get fined up to $350,000 for providing/owning fake review on Google or any social media.

Now that you know all about the penalization and Google Business data base. You might work your way through using an alternative or something and get your Business 5 Star rated. And with all 5 starts you age growing and getting exposed to more new consumers/customers, sounds like a dream come true? WRONG!

You would end up hampering your business all over. With all over 5 Star and fake review, you will never get the chance to improve your product and service which means you would see less satisfied visitors and eventually you will start finding negative comment/reviews popping up on your Business page.

And so there is the impact of Fake reviews on Google Plus, Facebook Page, and Directories. Now you know why you should never use any fake review to avoid penalization or losing your business reputation.

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