What’s the difference between Shared and Managed Hosting?

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What’s the difference between Shared and Managed Hosting?

The confusion between shared and managed hosting does not have an end to it while many argue that it does not make much of a difference, and the other half a different story to tell.

Shared hosting is quickly the most affordable and economical option for your requirements. There are many cheap web hosting usa service provider will offer the disk space and a lot of features, it’s necessary to pick a company you can trust and reliable.

So, what’s the difference between Managed Hosting and Shared Hosting?

Instead of comparing the two web hosting side by side, we have to look at the standpoint of Shared hosting then Managed web hosting.

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1. Shared Hosting

The word “Share” is enough to describe the entire subject.

Shared web hosting consists of one physical server that can create multiple accounts in one server and some websites running on one server.

Shared web hosting has one IP address, and it does not allow multiple IP addresses to the users. It is one of the reasons why Shared web hosting is cheaper than Managed web hosting.

The “sharing” includes logical processors, RAM consumption, HDD consumption, and limited space. Many cheap web hosting companies overload the server with thousands of websites when it has a limit. Unfortunately, the non-reputed companies do not maintain the server properly leading to bad performance and slow loading sites.

Shared web hosting is sharing the server with other unknown users. The good part about shared web hosting is that it does not add greater pressure on your bank account and it is a good option for beginners.

  1. Good for beginners.
  2. Ideal for smaller sites with 10,000 below traffic per month.
  3. Decent performance, but you have to depend on website optimization to increase loading speed.
  4. Entry level pricing and it attracts millions of new customers every day.
  5. If you subscribe to reputed web hosting company, then you can expect free add-ons as well. YouStable web hosting company offers SSD storage + free SSL certificate + Free basic SEO.

Shared Web Hosting Example: Sharing a small room with roommates.

2. Managed Hosting

The opposite of “Sharing” is Managed web hosting.

A managed web hosting package offers decent performance, security, IP address, separate server, and maintenance. Managed hosting is slightly expensive compared to the shared hosting package.

However, the company may not give the users a separate server to manage, so you have to confirm it with customer care. It could be a shared server, but the number of accounts is limited in it. Assuming that you have subscribed to managed web hosting and the server cannot handle above 100 accounts, then web hosting company limits the new account creation to 50 only.

  1. Managed web hosting is expensive.
  2. I have automated backup and updates.
  3. Better uptime and scalability.
  4. Improved performance and website loading site.
  5. Better support and highly optimized packages for WordPress.

Managed Web Hosting Example: Managed hosting packages are optimized for a specific category such as Managed WordPress Hosting.


YouStable offering SSD Storage shared web hosting and Managed web hosting (optimized server) to the new customers for a lesser price. Let us know what do you think about the Shared web hosting vs. Managed web hosting in the comment section below.

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