Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

Many Internet users do not know the importance of cloud computing in business organizations due to lack of knowledge in it. There are several benefits of cloud computing that every business should take advantage of it. Any small growing business can utilize the goals and benefits of cloud computing.

We know that many of you have questions in your mind like

  • What is Cloud computing?
  • What are the benefits of using cloud computing?

So allow us to clear your doubts and learn about the advantages of cloud computing.

Usually, there are hundreds of cloud computing benefits in 2019, but we are going to talk about the 5 benefits of cloud computing that our team experienced.

1. Scalability

Benefits of Cloud Computing

In the benefits of cloud computing, the servers utilized in the process designed differently compared to the VPS. Those who do not know that cloud server are similar to VPS in nature, but they have a different purpose.

Let’s assume that your product featured on popular websites and then you are guaranteed to get numbers of visitors from that site. Can your current cloud web hosting handle the increase in traffic?

The cloud computing packages allow you to increase the specs and upgrade the package in a few moments without any fuss. The web hosting company does not have issues in increasing RAM, CPU cores, and space to accommodate the traffic.

You can increase Disk I/O, Memory (RAM), Network I/O, and CPU as well.

The performance of the website loading speed and pages loading time increases drastically. The increase in hardware does add up a little bit of performance, and it helps the visitors to view the pages more comfortably.

2. No Downtime

Benefits of Cloud Computing

One of the major reasons why experts go for cloud computing because it does not have downtime at all. Yes, you have read it right that cloud computing does not have site downtime.

Many reputed companies have multiple server’s set-ups in the warehouse so they can offer better web hosting services. The company charges a good amount of fee per month to the customers, and they promise them to provide 99.99% uptime.

We are talking about reputed companies, and several small or unknown web hosting providers may not accommodate it, so read the terms and conditions properly.

How does it work?

The servers are nothing but computers with server operating system and hardware used in the process.

  • The provider set-up multiple servers.
  • The dedicated servers use a configuration that creates cloud computing.
  • If the server has broken or has hardware issues, then the software moves the files & folders of your website to another server.
  • The servers interconnected with each other.
  • You never have the issues of Internet down, hardware issues, and technical issues.

The cloud computing transfers the website files & folders to another server immediately.

Thus, you are saved from downtime and shutdowns, and that is the advantages of cloud computing.

3. Fast Performance

Benefits of Cloud Computing

The performance is a question that haunts many newbies because they have not experienced cloud-computing benefits in 2019.

First, every newbie always purchases or select the reputed web hosting company that has Google reviews and other reviews online (for example, is overviewed by Hosting.Review).

Cloud computing consists of premium hardware, and it is one of the major reasons why it cost higher compared to shared web hosting.

  • The web hosting providers use premium hardware like Intel high-end processors, RAM sticks, SSD Drive, and more.
  • You can select the number of CPU-cores, Disk space, and more.
  • The cloud servers maintained by the professionals and the engineers check the health of the servers from time to time.

The performance of cloud computing does not slow down with time because the management has a dedicated team to look after the servers.

4. Saves Your Money

Benefits of Cloud Computing

No one can deny that saving money stands on the top of the benefits of cloud computing.

The small business look at the starting price, which is expensive compared to any other package offered by the company.

However, you are looking at one side of the coin. We have to blame the hosting companies for not explaining the difference between VPS & Cloud hosting on the sales page.

  • The cloud web hosting packages are expensive, especially, when compared to the other packages.
  • The cost of upgrading the package is lesser compared to other hosting packages.
  • In case, if you have a rise in the traffic, then you have to upgrade the specs. It cost you very less compared to the VPS hosting and dedicated server maintenance.
  • Upgrading to another package is much easier because it takes only a few clicks to do it. However, it is not the same when it comes to other packages, where the company takes a few hours to upgrade it.

In Cloud computing benefits 2019, everything is virtual, so an increasing number of CPU-cores, RAM, and other hardware takes only a few clicks.

5. Easy To Use

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Every company that sells a product or services to the people make sure that even a beginner can use the control panel without any issues.

  • You can choose the operating system like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Windows, and other OS.
  • An opportunity to select control panel as well like Webuzo, cPanel, and other panels. Make sure to contact the provider to confirm the alternatives and available control panels.
  • Millions of tutorials available on the cPanel hosting, and other panels.
  • The advanced options easy to follow, if you can understand the meaning of the options. In case, if you are unable to follow it, then read articles and tutorials.

The customer care is available 24/7 to guide you through the set-up process and resolving the technical issues.


We have explained the advantages of cloud computing in points so that you can make up your mind.

The cloud computing technology is similar to the VPS (virtual private server), and it is slightly expensive, but if you plan to upgrade, then the cost is lesser on this side.

Let us know what do you think about the Cloud computing benefits 2019 in the comment section below.

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