What is An RSA Key Used For?

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What is An RSA Key Used For?

RSA stands for the surname of the founders of the technology, “Rivest, Shamir, & Adleman (public key encryption technology).” RSA algorithm used in the SSL certificate and it is called “RSA KEY.” The private key used for symmetric key exchange and authentication of SSL/TLS session. 

RSA key is part of the public key infrastructure and is utilized by the SSL certificate for the session to keep the user’s information safe. The Private Key and Public Key are the two types of asymmetric encryption keys. It is used to save time for asymmetric encryption and decryption.

RSA Private Key automatically generated and paired with the CSR. The issuer, publisher, and Certificate Authorities do not have access to the RSA key because it supposes to be an encrypted key. The Private Key located in the web hosting or local server, and it appears as a file with blank codes in it.

The users have the choice to select from two key sizes to meet the speed, performance, and loading speed of the server, and 2048-bit considered as optimal by Certificate Authorities for an RSA Private Key. The 2048-bit does not overload the CPU and consumes very fewer resources, and it loads faster on slower servers as well. Selecting 4096-bit key size for your Private Key with YouStable certification can double up the security. However, the 4096-bit Private Key size can put stress on the CPU, and it slows down up to seven times than 2048-bit Private Key.

Back up the Private Key, and make sure to move it to secure location because sharing the RSA Key can create a lot of security vulnerabilities for the site. The hidden block of code is accessible and re-written if anyone has access to the Private Key, so do not share it with anyone.

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