What is Certificate Transparency?

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What is Certificate Transparency?

Google Company has announced a new combination of words for an SSL Certificate, and it is called “Certificate Transparency.” The millennial does not understand the concept of CT, and we are here to clear all doubts & confusions.

What is Certificate Transparency?

In the mid-1990s and other councils have come together to form the certificate issuance process. The certificate implemented by Certificate Authority (CA) responsible for generating certificates for domain owner and server administrator.

CA has the authority to release the certificate, but the certificate’s issuance controlled by the independent repository. In short, the independent repository companies are SSL Certificate sellers. The IR has to verify the public key (an important part of the SSL Certificate encryption) to check the validity and create a secure connection.

The Public Key (an essential part of the SSL Certificate encryption) verification occurs between independent repository (SSL Certificate providers) and website servers to create a secure connection, and no one can meddle in it.

The entire verification process alternatively validated and no one can check its authenticity. Certificate Transparency is an on-going project to bring the certificate’s issuance process publicly, and it is 100% transparent.

Qualified Certificate Transparency logs

Now, everyone can view the Qualified CT logs publicly without any limitations. To what extent information is accessible to the public?

  1. Monitors.
  2. Auditors.
  3. Log servers.
  4. CAs.

Log Response (SCT) created, while the communication between the Certificate Authority and the Client browser is occurring. In the past, the connection and communication used to be direct and no logs were created.

Bottom Line

The Certificate Transparency improves trust and security of the domain owner, server administrators, and end users (visitors/traffic/users/customers.) Currently, Google has undertook the project into their hands and working on the development of Google Chrome version.

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