What is PHP and What are its Applications?

What is PHP and What are its Applications?

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What is PHP and What are its Applications?

What is PHP and What are its Applications?

The term “PHP applications” is a popular phrase in the coding industry as many developers and programmers cannot afford to avoid it. The entire business of websites made around PHP applications and PHP script is an essential part of it. PHP language is a language to describe the matter and display the website on a web browser. Millions of programmers utilize the open-source algorithm to write, create, and publish the website. The PHP applications are so popular that PHP online editors come to existence.

What is PHP Programming?

Coding is not everyone’s cups of coffee, and the millennial doesn’t seem to understand the true potential of the PHP applications.

We have to start from the beginning to explain the subject in-depth. In case, if you are familiar with the topic, then move on.

PHP is a programming language, and it is a popular open-source programming language widely used to create websites and applications. Originally, it was meant for a smaller purpose back in the days, but the evolution converted into a hypertext preprocessor. PHP scripts are capable enough to team up with other scripts such as CSS, HTML, HTML5, Javascript, etc.

PHP framework does not show up on the web browser visually, but you can try the inspect elements to identify the codes. The PHP application is a back-end script as it does not appear anywhere, until or unless you want to spend time figuring out.

PHP application does not appear visually in a web browser, but 70% of active websites are running on PHP scripts. PHP language plays a supporting role in running a website, but developers cannot build an entire website based on PHP. Many people are not aware of it, but PHP servers web hosting is a popular package.

How to Edit wp-config.php File in WordPress?

The file “wp-config.php” is a core system file of WordPress CMS, and the users can edit the file to customizations.

What can you do with PHP?

PHP scripts are not the main element in web designing, but it is one of the core elements of the entire designing. You can pair PHP application with several other languages such as C++, Javascript, HTML, HTML5, CSS, etc. Several web applications are built around PHP, and it is a core element in programming today.

Dynamic Website

In Dynamic websites, the PHP scripts are utilized to build content managers. Some of the popular CMS built on PHP such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. eCommerce based content management systems often utilize PHP applications such as OpenCart, Magneto, Prestashop, etc. The PHP opens up opportunities as it does not have any proprietary authority, and it is an open-source, so it allows unknown knowledgeable programmers to develop unique out of it.

Web-Based System

Moodle is a unique example of a distance learning system developed on PHP applications. Anyone can develop an internet-based distant learning application using PHP. PHP programming facilitates the intranet system to log in with username & password for a small company to a multi-national company.

PHP framework does not bottleneck the users, and you can host it on a local server or a public server without any limitations. The possibilities open up when there is an expert level PHP developer in the house. PHP servers connected to the internal network security also depend on the PHP editor.

Hire a PHP expert and start rolling the services.

Desktop System

PHP framework never designed for the desktop environment, but the creative level does not limit it at all. The knowledge of the individual counts in the equation, so if you are considering creating a desktop application, then go for it.

PHP Script with Command Line

For programmers on call, it is also possible to fire PHP scripts directly from the terminal, using the command line. In this mode, it is not necessary to have a web server, such as Apache or Microsoft IIS. Only the PHP interpreter will be required for you to run shell scripts with the language.

Great Site Create with PHP

Great websites were built with language. Although not everyone uses PHP in the backend currently, we can cite as an example Facebook and YouTube as platforms originally written in PHP.

I have stated that websites continuously using the PHP script back-end and they do not completely depend on it. Time has changed the patterns drastically and many developers 10% depending on the PHP framework to create, edit, and remove elements. YouTube, Wikipedia, and Facebook built on PHP, and the open-source codes are evolving at a faster pace.

PHP scripts are back-end language, so the advanced language cannot be detected by visiting the site and going through the inspect element.

PHP Versions

The first-ever PHP (1.0 8) version launched on June 1995 and it is called “Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools)”

The latest PHP (7.3 6) version released in December 2018 and the end date posted as 6 December 2021.

You can learn more about the PHP version on the official Wikipedia page.

Web Hosting and PHP

PHP scripts and web applications require a specific server to host the website. There are several reputed hosting companies offering wide range of options such as YouStable. Customers can install a PHP based website on a Windows server, Linux server, and other operating system servers.

Hosting a PHP based website on a server requires a good customer support team because you may encounter issues anytime during the set-up. YouStable has dedicated customer support to add value to the PHP based server assistance.

Where to Learn PHP for Free?

PHP language is an open-source project, and millions of experts have created tutorials online.

W3Schools: A group of people came together to enable free learning programming. The website is active for a very long time and served millions of people, who are keen to learn something new. W3Schools does not waste your precious time, and they directly begin from Part 1 to Part 100 from the same page. Do not give up on learning in a few weeks because it might take a year to master the teachings of the PHP tutorials.

Check out W3Schools

YouTube: A valuable source to learn visually and verbally, but there are no videos that explain from scratch. You have to spend a few moments to find videos and browse around to understand the concept.

Check out YT


I have come across people believing the PHP framework is a dead end, but it isn’t true at all. Sites like Wikipedia start the day with PHP back-end content manager, and the PHP online editor is growing at a tremendous rate. The growth in PHP applications jobs is higher, and you can secure a lot of high-paying jobs as well. From YouTube to reputed online media company has PHP developer’s jobs all the time.

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