What is PTR Record? How to add one or manage?

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What is PTR Record? How to add one or manage?

The millennium believe that domain and web hosting is a combination of mathematics and Physics. No one clears the doubts of an individual and it leads to confusion and every function in the process of domain and web hosting is crucial.

PTR is one of them.

What is PTR?

PTR is a different function, or we can call it reverse version of A record.

A Record: An A Record can map a domain name to an IP address.

PTR Record: The PTR function maps an IP address name to a hostname or domain.

A very few people utilize the function, even though it is an important function.

May experts utilize the PTR records for Reverse DNS (Domain Name System) lookup. If you have an IP address in the notepad, then you can use the technique to find associated domain/hostname. There is an A record available for every PTR record.

Why is the significance of the PTR Record?

PTR Records are for outgoing mail servers, and it adds greater value by checking the sending server, and receivers can check the hostname of an IP address. Assuming that you have received an email from an unknown person, then receivers can pinpoint the location. A versatile tool for identifying the scammer’s location and recognize fraudulent domain names.


A quick DNS lookup of the IP address can track the original domain name, and contact details of the user. In case, if you have failed to identify the domain owner, then it is a fraudulent site.

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