What is Self Branding and why its important?

What is Self Branding and why its important?

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What is Self Branding and why its important?

What is Self Branding and why its important?

If you engaged to the online marketing, you must be familiar with the term “Self Branding.” Experienced entrepreneurs are well aware of this term. Certainly Self Branding is a very vital aspect of online or offline marketing. However, newbie are likely to be less aware of Self Branding and its benefits.

In this generation of “dot com”, people are mostly concerned with self branding online. For a blogger, self branding is one of the most important steps that can lead him to the sneak peek of the success. Here is all about what is self branding and why bloggers build that.

What is Self Branding?

Self Branding is building your professional image and reputation. It’s about how you represent yourself to the potential customers and professional clients. Self branding is much more than just a name on the business card. Building a connection with your clients, the trust factor is the part of self branding.

According to a research, larger number of buyers trusts the person they know, while lesser number of them trusts on the message they get from a brand.

So, no matter how deep you are involved professionally in the business, you got to be connected to the customers in terms of a human being first.

Why Bloggers Build Self Branding?

As a blogger, you stay online and there no verbal connection between you and your readers. But you must build your reputation online otherwise you can proceed further. Self branding is equally important in online business as it creates trust and loyalty among the readers or potential buyers of your product or service. Once the reputation is build you can just sell anything and promote your business.


In very simple words, self branding means boosting your personality and your identity among the readers, once you done this successfully you will find many followers of you and you can see grow of your online sites and business. But building trustable yourself online is not so easy. Below I have shared some tips which will help you in self building.

  • Try to find the problems what your target audience are having and solve them using your blog. Try to think from their point of view and analyses the situation what would be the perfect solution of that problem.
  • Create blog posts/articles in a conversation style i.e.; it should look and feel like you are standing in front of the readers and talking with him/her. Try to make a connection between you and the readers.
  • Be yourself and add your own points, people actually love what you are and not what you try to be. If you are trying to act like others it will not last for long. Make your own voice.
  • If you are telling or reviewing about something tell the both sides of that particular thing i.e.; positive and negative. It creates brand value and people begin to follow you.
  • If you are good in something let the readers know, teach them something new. Trust me, people will love if you are unique and not which they have seen hundred times before. They will not online follow you but also recommend others too.

So, these are some points which you can focus and which will help you in self branding. Basically it is all up to you which way you choose to brand yourself and boost your online business. There is no rocket science behind boosting self branding but how you satisfy your readers with better solution of problems and better offerings. I hope you have liked these tips and going follow soon.

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