What is URL Redirect and How Does It Work

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What is URL Redirect and How Does It Work

URL Redirect also known as URL Forwarding used by millions of website founders to redirect the old domain to a newer domain. Many businesses changes the company or merge with another company, and they redirect the old business domain to the new domain. URL Forwarding is one of the common techniques used by millions of users around the world, and everyone has a reason behind.

Some of the users redirect the domain due to copyright issues, business merge, blocked domain extension, old domain penalized by search engines, and more.

The redirection process uses status codes in the HTTP protocol. There are three types of URL forwarding, and they are,

  1. 301 (permanent.)
  2. 302 (temporary) URL Redirects.
  3. URL Frame (masked redirect.)
  4. Wild Card (sub-domains.)

Every option has a meaning, and common sense is enough to comprehend the existence of the options. 301 used for permanent redirection, 302 is a temporary redirection for a specific period, and URL frame masks the redirection from search engines and others.

Majority of the penalized sites and received copyright strike sites use URL frame.

If you would like to set the wildcard subdomain that lets you forward all subdomains that have not been created to a page on your website or to any other page on the Web, you may refer to this tutorial.

This type of redirect will also work if someone enters a non-existent or mistyped sub-domain.

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