What is Whois?

Whois is a service created to assists the user to find the domain owner basic details provided during the registration. Whois allows users to learn about the basic information that does not include passwords and usernames. ICANN regulations directed the domain owners to keep the contact information updated to avoid thefts and fraudulent transfes.

What Information Does Whois Service Provide?

ICANN regulations have ensured that the hackers and identity thieves do not misuse whois service. We are going to list the number of information that users can find out about the domain owner.

  1. Registration date and expiration date of a domain name.
  2. Domain name ID.
  3. Domain owner address and users can look up for the workplace address as well.
  4. Domain registrar information such as YouStable.
  5. Phone number and it could be either mobile number or workplace number. Most of the time domain owners have added one number in the field.
  6. Domain owners add a registered email address in the field.
  7. Registrant Country, State, City, and Street address including zip code.
  8. Administrator fax number as well.

Do not get your hopes high because domain owners may not enter valid information. In case, if there are missing or empty fields then do not blame the Whois service because the domain owner choose not to enter the details.

We remind the readers that records are changeable by the user, and the domain owner can update the information anytime. The new updated information takes a few hours to 48-hours to update across all Whois service platforms. Interestingly, Whois Guard service subscription can hide all information to the public domain.

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