What is WordPress Cron and how to work with it?

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What is WordPress Cron and how to work with it?

WordPress Cron is an excellent tool used by millions of experts in the industry. I have seen several beginners, who do not know about the WordPress Cron. The official developers did not add the feature in the package, and that is why beginners do not know about it. Learning about the WordPress Cron does help the beginners to manage the site much easier.

What is WordPress Cron?

Windows has CMD (Command Prompt,) Linux and macOS has a terminal to run commands. WordPress has Cron to run commands to create, delete, and manage a function. Experts in the industry utilize it to manage the server and schedule tasks.

WordPress offers a command prompt called Cron to perform daily tasks automatically. Let us assume that you want to check for an update of plugins, and then set a schedule. Users have to install the plugin in WordPress manually and then add specific tasks as well.

If you have installed the WordPress Cron in the site, then you can set automatic updates, delete old comments, create back-ups automatically, and more. Users have the power to take control of resource-intensive tasks to get rid of performance killing plugins and more.

Short Definition: Cron is a WordPress command prompt, and it is a third-party WordPress plugin.

Install and use WordPress Cron

I have already mentioned Cron is a WordPress plugin, and we have to install it manually.

Step 1: Login to WordPress and click on “Plugins > Add New.

WordPress Cron

Step 2: Type “WordPress control” in the search bar and install the first plugin developed by John Blackbourn & contributors.

WordPress Cron

Step 3: Click on “Tools > Cron” Events to view all options.

WordPress Cron

Step 4: All events are listed in the WP-CRON EVENTS page.

WordPress Cron

You can find all options such as Edit, Run Now and Delete options. It might take a lot of time for the new users to learn it, but try one option at a time to master the controls within no time.

Bottom Line

There are three option after clicking on edit 1) Add Cron Event, 2) Add PHP Cron Event, and 3) Modify Cron Event. Adding a Cron event is the most used option, so make sure to try one-by-one to learn the functions.

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