Why Flipkart, SnapDeal and Amazon don’t deliver products in Lucknow 1

Why Flipkart, SnapDeal and Amazon don’t deliver products in Lucknow

Today, in this article I will talk about why e-commerce websites don’t delivers products in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. There is a reason behind this. Since you know that Uttar Pradesh is one of the most populated states in India. There are three market places which have stopped delivering their products in Lucknow.

The three e-commerce websites who have stopped deliveries are Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. There is a reason why they have stopped delivering their products in the city of Lucknow.


Flipkart has also faced some troubles while delivering their products for their customers. Since flipkart provides the facilities of COD that is cash on delivery. They have faced loses while delivering their products to the customers. There were incidents that happen in Lucknow. As this has happened across UP. Once a delivery boy who was on his way for delivering Mac Books which was being looted by the customers itself at gunpoint in an open field. But it cannot track their address and phone number since it was all fake.

Flipkart Service in Lucknow
Flipkart Service in Lucknow

Sometimes while transporting the products as most time the shipments would get stopped by the customers because the people have not being paid off. Some people order the products just for fun and even sometimes if they opt for COD then if the delivery boy delivers the products which they have ordered they says “they don’t want it” it’s like a joke which they have been trying to put on the delivery boy.  They even ban COD option in Lucknow by which they are having total loss in business especially in U.P. that also hampers the employees and the workers who delivers the products. So, they have stopped delivering in Lucknow.


Another reason behind stopping deliveries in Lucknow especially in Noida. Since it has the same reason as how Flipkart Company faces. The customers beat that delivery boy without any reason sometimes they even get locked up in the bathroom for some silly reasons like not giving the change or bringing the order late which is totally a silly reason to beat up the delivery boy. This is another reason why Amazon has stopped delivering the products in Lucknow.

Amazon Delivery in Lucknow
Amazon Delivery in Lucknow

Another reason is that they even order the products and opt for COD which is just for fun and when the delivery boy delivers it to the customer then they would just say “we did not order this?” and just return the product. So that is the reason why Amazon doesn’t deliver in certain parts of the country.


Same goes with Snapdeal as well why they have stopped delivering their products in Lucknow. as you have known in the above two e-commerce websites the reason behind not delivering the products in Lucknow.

SnapDeal Incident Lucknow
SnapDeal Incident Lucknow

It has happened the same thing which has been occurred with flipkart as well Amazon. So, they have stopped delivering their products in Lucknow city.


The reason for not delivering the products by the e-commerce websites in Lucknow because of their lack of education, and opportunities. Low income disparity, rural-urban that have been divided and also due to the glorification of being fierceful and behave very rudely and arrogant which is becoming a trend these days. Some even blames Government because of this lack of facilities and development in the society. This is the reason why the e-commerce doesn’t deliver their products in Lucknow city. Because of this kind of rude peoples in this city there is lack of employment in e-commerce jobs.


So, in my conclusion I would like to say that it is not because of the e-commerce websites that they have stopped delivering the products in Lucknow, it is all because of the lack of education and development of the society. Since they are having many loses in their businesses also if the customers behave like that while delivering their products. So, we should try to be trusted customer even when we opt for COD whenever we ordered for any kinds of products and also Lucknow city must try to cooperate and should behave with the delivery boy gently since they are also human being.

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