Top 5 WordPress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose?

Top 5 WordPress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose?

Not happy with your web hosting service provider?

Top 5 WordPress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose?

Top 5 WordPress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose?

The popular content management system is not the solution to every problem, and it inspired us to make a list of WordPress Alternatives. There are millions of website running on WordPress blog system. However, CMS developed several open-source for a specific reason such as an e-commerce store.

Let us look at the WordPress alternatives content management systems.

1. GetSimple

Top 5 Wordpress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose? 1

GetSimple is open-source content management developed by Chris Cagle in 2009. The developer designed it for the newbies and the goal to make it powerful as WordPress, but a lot easier than WP. The core system files created on PHP, so the CMS is suitable for large & small sites.

Top 5 Wordpress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose? 2

The developers ensured that users could add & activate the plugins to customize the site. GetSimple is XML based CMS, and the hosting does not need to store the information at all.

The free CMS overall file size is only 2 MB, making it the lightweight all time interface. We have to appreciate the developers for creating a lightweight CMS with easy to follow interface.

2. SilverStripe

Top 5 Wordpress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose? 3

SilverStripe is an excellent website building provider in the world, and the developers launched it a few years ago. The framework of the builder has a bright future ahead due to the development and features. The platform managed to reach a wide range of audience, and they have grabbed the attention of many professionals. The user-friendly back-end admin interface impressed millions of people around the world. A large number of professionals tools help the content creators to write, organize, and publish content in a few clicks. 

Top 5 Wordpress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose? 4

It might sound like SilverStripe is an excellent WordPress Alternative, but it does have a fair share of CONS. The admin can create new accounts for the new users, and assign them the role to control the site. Users can connect gadgets and modules to operate the site in an advanced way. The Asset Management feature allows the user to control, manage, and compress the media files in the admin panel.

The users can check out the predesigned templates and select one to start immediately. The library has paid templates & themes as well, and you can select one to start working on the site immediately.

Search engines consider mobile-friendly sites as a ranking factor, and the developers have added mobile-friendly templates. Users can utilize the customization options to edit different parts of the site.

The existing users can access the large community to seek assistance and solve the recognized problems. SilverStripe open-source platform is growing at a rapid speed, and we can witness new developments in the area very soon.

3. Drupal

Wordpress alternative

Drupal is an open-source content management system that offers the services for free. It also offers functionalities such as user’s management, polls management, menu management, graphics modification tool, advanced websites, simple sites, discussion boards, social networking pages, etc.

The WordPress alternatives CMS allows users to publish content, articles, polls, videos, user management, podcasts, statistics, and more. The administrator has the power to assign new users on the site with roles. The admin can select the role of every user on the platform such as a publisher. Each user can take care of one part of the site, and the admin assigns a new admin at the same time.

The scripts enable the users to create, edit and organize the site. The developers added new themes & templates to the platform so that the users can get started with it. Predefined page functions configurations allow the users to manage a complicated page with ease.

Drupal became extremely popular after they allowed the publishers to upload various types of plugins on the platform. The open-source platform allows the publishers to create, edit and upload new plugins without worrying about rules & restrictions.

The Drupal developers have created documentation page, discussion board, mailing, chat, lists, and more.

4. Joomla

Top 5 Wordpress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose? 5

Joomla is a free open-source web content management system that rivals WordPress for several years now. Many consider Joomla as WordPress alternatives CMS due to several reasons. In case, if you want to start a blog, then open-source CMS can help you get started quickly.

Top 5 Wordpress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose? 6

Joomla is extremely easy to install on your server usingSoftaculous tool available in cPanel control panel. It takes only a few seconds to download the script and installation takes around five to ten minutes depending on the user knowledge.

WordPress plugins library has made the platform successful, and Joomla has fewer plugins on the platform compared to the popular one. Regarding plugins, yes, you will find almost everything on the Joomla platform as well.

The good part comes in a discussion, forums, and tutorial sites because you don’t need the help of developers or customer care. A simple Google search can help you resolve the issue in a few minutes, similar to WordPress.

The script generates links for the pages & other URL-based pages, and it has a positive impact on search engines. The interface & admin page may seem challenging, but after a couple of days, it becomes a piece of cake.

CON: A beginner has to work hard around the interface because it might take one week or so for a newbie to master the controls.

5. Umbraco

Top 5 Wordpress Alternatives in 2019 | Which one do you choose? 7

Umbraco CMS is a popular open-source platform that can stand in the list of WordPress Alternatives. Umbraco developer on ASP .NET to create a unique system for the world and developers can create plugins, interface, and improve existing features.

 Umbraco comes with an easy to navigate interface, and it Let us beginners to learn the controls in a few days. The number of personalization features can shift the tab to another location, and the users can adjust the site as per the requirement. Search engine optimization is an important aspect of every site and on-page SEO taken care by the developers.

A huge list of plugins available on the platform (WordPress plugins has more) and you can activate them in a few clicks. The dashboard designed to assist the admins to manage tons of articles & content in a few clicks.

CON: The Company decided to allow the users to try 14-days-trial period and the fee starts from €25/month.


The WordPress alternatives may work for some of you, and it might help some of the readers. Keep in mind that everything has PROS & CONS and you have to look for requirements first. If the CMS meets the requirements, then go for it. Letus know which WordPress alternatives did you like in the comment section below.

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