How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in Windows IIS

Million of professionals manage the server with the help of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server. Search engines and the visitors are preferring sites that have SSL certificate enabled, or it has HTTPS protocol to secure the data and basic security added to the site. You can Redirect HTTP to HTTPS forcefully in a few steps using Windows Server IIS manager.

Force Redirect HTTP to HTTPS :

Step 1: Launch the ISS server program in your Windows PC and click on “URL Redirect from the menu. In case, if you don’t have the option in the dashboard, then you can add it from the “Web Platform” option.

redirect http to https

Step 2: Click on “ADD RULE” from the right-sidebar options, and select “Blank Rule,” then click on “OK” to continue.

redirect http to https

Step 3: Add the desired title to recognize the rule in an instant, and then select the “Requested URL” and “Regular Expressions” to default. In the pattern, add “(.*)” and make sure that “Ignore Case” is checked.

redirect http to https

Step 4: In the conditions, click on “ADD” and select input as “{HTTPS}” and then select the type as “Matches The Pattern.” In the patter, type “^OFF$” and then click on “OK” to finish the condition process.

redirect http to https

Step 5: In the Action Section, Select the action type as “Redirect” and action properties as https://{HTTP_HOST}/{R:1}. Check the “append query string” along with selecting the redirecting type “Temporary (307)” and you can select the permanent as well.

redirect http to https

Step 6: In the right-sidebar panel, you can find the option “APPLY” to finish the entire process.

redirect http to https

It takes a few moments for the changes to take effect, so be patient. Test the process redirect HTTP to HTTPS after a few minutes.

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