Recent research says that most of employed people prefer to start their business than work for someone else. Have any plans of starting a website, or business, or starting a reseller web hosting business? Then, you are not the only one, there are a lot of people who want to.

When you search “business ideas” on Google, you’ll be amazed to see the top results- bookkeeping, online teaching, freelance consultant, etc. These ideas are good but might not be useful for everyone.

So, if your last google search was about starting a new business, we’ve got you covered in this article! Have you ever heard of a “reseller web hosting business”?

In simple words, it is a business in which you reseller web hosting services. Expected growth in web hosting services is projected at an 18% CAGR from 2021-2028, all thanks to increases in the use of the internet and the surge of online businesses.

Trust us when we say now is the best time to go the “cheap reseller hosting business” way.

What do you mean by a reseller web hosting business?

Essentially, in the reseller web hosting business, the reseller (you) pays a monthly fee to the web hosting provider to take some web server space, redesign it according to their brand and then sell it to their clients for a higher price.

In layman’s terms, it is like buying some goods from a wholesaler and selling to consumers at a retail price.

The price difference is your profit. Therefore, it is a traditional concept of marketing and sales but with a working nature in the field of the web hosting business.

Why is Reseller Web Hosting Business Profitable?

On one hand, starting a traditional web hosting means you’ll have to require a huge investment in buying the server, setting up employees, infrastructure, etc. On the other hand, the business of reseller web hosting takes out all these costs and allows you to enjoy the benefits.

Reasons why the Reseller Web Hosting Business is Lucrative:

  • Easy in setting up
  • Higher returns
  • Less initial investment

Therefore, if you are interested in this field then the benefits will outweigh the efforts that you put into the business. All you need is to be curious in this field and zeal to not just initiate but also sustain the business.

Steps to start a reseller web hosting business

Like all other businesses, a reseller of web hosting has to apply all the tricks up his sleeve to earn all profit he can. The biggest advantage you have is that you need not pay for any office space or salaries.

You can start on this journey all by yourself. When you are playing at a high level you should do your research well, ask yourself why you are doing it, and most importantly set the goals and targets you want to achieve.

Feel like you need more guidance? Follow below:

1.   Set realistic business targets

You would know what goal setting is if you’ve at some point attempted setting up a business. For your business to have the best growth you need to set up clear business goals and targets, defining how you would package your services.

For example, what are the services you are willing to add on? Only hosting or would you want to add certificates, domain names, SSL, or even hosting consulting services for your client, etc.? This will define the particularities of your hosting service.

After this, define the objectives in aspects of customer service and expected business growth.

2.   Have a clear idea of who is going to be your client

Once you have conceptualized your services, define your target audience/clients – anyone with an online business or a site, irrespective of the nature or scale of their business.

Many of the reseller hosting providers serve as online designers, bloggers, online businesses, web developers, etc.

Be very particular while defining your client’s persona. This includes the customer’s geography, industry, and demography.

It will be easy for you to structure and strategize your hosting plans customized for your client’s needs once you have figured out your target client.

3.   Select your reseller web hosting provider

The most important part of your web hosting business is choosing your parent reseller web hosting provider.

What you are getting from your provider must align with the features that your clients are looking for.

While selecting the hosting provider we suggest you must check these:

  • What is the number of sites you can host on your reseller hosting?
  • Is a web hosting management and billing software licence provided for free?
  • Do they provide you with the option to restore the backups?
  • Is an upgrade option available in case your bandwidth or allocated disk gets used to maximum capacity?
  • What do they offer – WHM/Blesta panel access or shell access?
  • Can you create a custom package in the WHM or Blesta panel by the service they provide?

Look for white labelling alternatives from your provider, this helps you sell the services to the customers with your branding.

Choose the provider who has 99.9% uptime or above that decides the amount of time for how long your website remains available on the internet.

Pro tip: Go through the social media pages and reviews of your provider, compare their price with other providers, and talk to their support team to see if there is any offer or special promotion.

Going the extra mile here will help you reap benefits in the future.

4.   Website & Branding

Keep a brand name that defines what you are trying to contribute. Choose a catchy name and make a logo that sits well with the brand.

This is one of the first things people notice about your brand. So, invest some thoughts into this. In the short and long run, your brand defines your relationship with your clients.

The next step is to design a website that speaks for your brand and is easy for your customers to navigate. Plant proper call-to-action buttons on your site so that your clients can buy any service they like in one click.

Be sure that your website has a top SSL certificate, a secure platform for users, and has set up a reliable billing system in one place.

5.   Finalise your packaging

After you have bought a plan and finalized your hosting provider, the next practical would be to decide on your plans and prices.

Organize it attractively so the clients find value in the services you are providing. Along with this, make sure you are making enough profit.

Convince your clients they are getting the best web hosting deal they can think of!

Pro tip: Pack your plans with an add-on like free support to help the client with web hosting. Or sell a domain name at a cheaper price if your customer is purchasing a package for a hosting service.

6.   Provide 24*7 help to your clients

One thing that we apply in our business and recommend to other businesses highly is customer service.

Make sure your clients have an amazing experience while using your service so they can’t resist recommending your services in their network.

The importance of offering good client service can’t be stressed enough. Do not settle for offering anything less than 24*7 support to your clients.

7.   Business Marketing

After finalizing your business goals and plans, you are all set to start selling. But how will you reach the target clients? This is the part that excites us the most.

You have these options for the best reseller hosting business:

  • You can organically promote your web hosting businesses by putting out SEO-optimised content on your website and your social media channels.
  • You can go for paid marketing options like a paid ad campaign for your targeted clients.
  • You can choose both paid and organic options to get the best results. If necessary hire a marketing expert.

8.   The X-factor

Trust is the peak of importance when it comes to business, beware to have a trust seal from BBB (Better Business Bureau) so it lays confidence in your clients.

Make sure your clients know you have all the requirements for conducting an online business. Make trust your X factor.

Understand an underlying phenomenon that the market is continuously improving. Keep analyzing/observing your counterparts and study what they are offering. Make sure you are offering more lucrative offers.

Wrap Up

If you’ve been wanting to start a web hosting business with minimum investment the cheap reseller web hosting business is worth the shot.

It is practical to start it from scratch, research your provider > choose from the best offers > and then package and sell your services on your website with a profitable margin.

Get as creative as you can with your marketing and plans to reach clients. Finally, study your competitors, provide your customers with the best support that you can, and keep adding updated services to fulfil your client’s needs.

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