Role of Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns Strategies

Role of Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns Strategies

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Role of Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns Strategies

Role of Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns Strategies

Digital marketing plays a major role in many public figure life; there is no doubt that they hold the majority of their success online.

From small-time companies to major players in the industry are using the digital marketing techniques to promote and grow some audiences to increase sales or brand promotion.

There is a saying “Sky is the limit” which applies to the role of Digital Marketing for political campaign strategies. From past decade, the candidates who have invested in the election campaign to get higher number votes in a specific state or city.

In the year of 2008, when Obama became president of the USA, he has used the digital marketing election campaign. The marketing strategy has also used in election campaign In India.

In the year of 2014, when current Prime Minister was the center of the stage because of his political campaign & election campaign, where the BJP has invested more than 1000 crores.

It has not been proved that 1000 crores have invested by the BJP to retire Congress and rise of BJP’s own Narendra Modi.

The Obama franchise invested more than $100M in the campaigns back in 2008 to ensure that opposition is not able to come forward and run for the president again.

There is no doubt that Obama character has played it well and he has won the hearts of millions by his warming words and his clear goals that can connect every American.

The American community is considered as a developed, where political Advertising Marketing is a crucial factor.

Not many people have seen the ADS but there has been a lot of advertisements aired on the USA network, CBS, and other major networks to dominate the opposition election campaign.

Modi Jee 2014 PM Election Campaign Strategies can be seen with the slogan “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar” which has created a buzz all over the Internet and community.

Millions of mems and Whatsapp messages were shared which were not only hilarious but also positively impacting the election campaign.

From Facebook to Whatsapp messages, you can find slogans, funny texts mocking the opposition parties, and promoting the slogan throughout the Indian online market.

In the Obama Campaign 2012 more than $50M were invested in the informercials so that they can reach the community, which are not easy to connect via the political campaign.

The slogan “Change we can believe in” was promoted on another level, which was part of their digital political strategies.

During the last elections The Obama Campaign 2012, Donald Trump raised the question whether if Obama is an American or not?

Donald has asked to provide a birth certificate, which has affected him a little but the strong political election campaign salutation has helped him overcome, so you can under the strength and power of the role of Digital Marketing in the political election campaign.

Have you guessed what goes into the political election campaign salutation? If not, then we are going to reveal it to you.

We may not be able to give you an exact and accurate number on how much have spent on every category, but you can create your marketing strategy by learning the basic Prime minister & Presidential marketing campaigns.

1. Candidate Name Branding

Candidate Name Branding

Everything begins with the candidate name. If the people don’t know and don’t recognize the face, then they are doomed.

Isn’t that what happened to the majority of the candidates. None of the people outside of the territory or state could not recognize them.

While Donald Trump was already a known figure in the states because of his business ventures & reality shows.

What special Donald Trump did that none of the other candidates couldn’t?

He involves himself with the politics since 2001, during the George W Bush period. Instead of jumping in the politics when he had the chance he held back.

Donald started to build his image via appearing on some reality shows, interviews, making controversial comments, bringing new political subjects to talk about.

Donald had the chance to go against the Obama back in 2012, but he skipped and came prepared in the year of 2016.

Donald Trump has spent more than $377 millions of dollars.

However, did you know that Mitt Romney has spent $460 Million and Hillary has spent $775 millions of only one million dollars left after closing?

Everyone spent a lot of money, but Donald won by spending lesser amount than anybody else.

How did he do it?

He played smart compared to others.

  1. His slogan is “make America Great Again,” which used in the marketing campaign and spread it all over America.
  2. The controversial comments posted on his Social Media accounts like the Twitter. He is leading everyone to his Twitter page and Facebook and keep promoting his name using these mediums.
  3. In the infomercials his words “I am Donald Trump, and I approve it” is heard more than a 100 millions times by the Americans. Donald Trump has used the culture of Twitter and Instagram a lot to ensure that young generation knows who he is and what he can do for them.
  4. The last digital political strategies were to ensure that he will stay on the news every single day.

These are very few examples of many, we have revealed here.

2. Website As your Brand

Website as Your Brand

A very important part of the election campaign, where the candidates of the certain country to have it ready when going for the election.

Let’s take someone out of context of the examples we have taken so far.

Did you know that WWE Kane has recently started a campaign to become the Knox County Mayor?

Despite being a WWE Superstar, he has done a fabulous job in building a site to promote his political campaign.

Now we know that an official site is needed to promote the election campaign but how to make it best political Website?

In the digital political strategies, a best political website needed for every election.

Let’s look at what the team of Glenn Jacobs aka Kane has added.

  1. The very first thing you see is the sentimental emotion connection. Where Glenn has added a family picture, which breaks the gap of Mayor-figure to a family man.
  2. He added a video (Duration – 1:32 minutes), where he explains who he is and what he stands in the election. The video has got more than 160,000+ views on Youtube.
  3. Without wasting any more time, Glenn has pointed out the issues that he can fix them after he becomes the Mayor of the Knox County.
  4. He has listed the events the going to attend for the next seven days, which educates the people to reach him during these events.
  5. In the last, he did not leave much information.

If you pay attention to the Mayor-level website, you can see that there were no unnecessary tabs and sections. He & the digital political strategies played right-off the bat.

If you look at the site of Donald Trump, it is very well-build with bullet points that will leave a positive mark on the citizens of America.

3. Social Media Political Campaign

Social Media Political Campaign

We have given many examples of the social media political campaign and to understand its greatness, we have to move to the Presidential and Prime Minister level election campaign In India.

We have seen millions of quotes and memes regarding the political Advertising Marketing.

However, how much effective were they? How much did each candidate has spent on the promotions?

The candidates have used official Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the message out, but that’s not where the majority of the money have spent.

In the case of Mr.Narendra Modi political Advertising Marketing, the team has used many different ways like the Youtube.

The company who happens to be the responsible for all the task have approached many YouTubers to put the pre-ready videos on their channel.

The alleged USA-based company has hired a creative team to get the job done. They have hired a team of professionals who are not only creatives but also a media-related small company.

The small media related companies started to approach Youtube channels who mainly target Young audiences aged between 18-30+, then make a video where the BJP stands tall in some way.

However, if you try to find those videos on Youtube or any other platform, then let me tell you that they have been deleted or removed by the Admin.

According to digital political strategies, they happen to remove so that they won’t get any buzz after the election over, then the results announced.

The role of Social Media is that these media companies use their connections to meet up with the people who own or have social media pages with an amazing following.

The BJP was promoting “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar” slogan in a creative way.

The highest number of shares and likes came from the Facebook platform.

Coming to the USA president Donald, it was the Twitter, then Facebook.

However, none of the promotions was leading to the best political Website.

4. WhatsApp Political Marketing

WhatsApp Political Marketing

The highest marketing is done on Whatsapp by BJP for sure.

We should put it this way, they have to light the fire, but the catalyst of fuel became the people themselves.

The community who are responsible for Whatsapp shares is the BJP members.

The number of members who spread the content is vast; we have witnessed it ourselves.

Ironically, most of them are youngsters who are either getting paid for it or, we have seen a lot of BJP and allies parties asking to join the member’s private groups, then started sharing the innovative images.

There are many funny jokes, and most of them are based on real facts on how the political situation works.

How Whatsapp Marketing Works?

Our theory completely based on what we have witnessed and shared with our Whatsapp and Friends WhatsApp account.

  1. The political parties gather their young members and instruct them to share it with other groups or groups they are already a member of it.
  2. The companies create massive groups on Whatsapp (They are pre-ready groups), where they share one or two interesting content on it, which inspires them to share it with the various community.
  3. On Whatsapp, many people like to earn few bucks for sharing; many media companies use these platform to get the content shared for few dollars.
  4. We received a link long back, where you get $1 for sharing the link. However, none of the members has received the $1 mobile recharge the site has promised, but thousands of people have clicked it.
  5. The most shared content on Whatsapp are images, people started to create their funny images and shared it with their respective groups and people.

There are many other ways the digital marketing companies have used, but we have only shared information, which we have witnessed ourselves.

5. Target Young Audience

Target Young Audience

Nobody would deny that the political election campaign salutation targeted towards the youth.

Young people who aged between 18 to 30, especially 30 targetted because most of the men in their mid 30’s were struggling to get their dream jobs.

Mr.Modi has said it many times that they support men who are unable to get their dream jobs.

According to the ABC news, more than one million young people have voted for the Donald Trump. The interesting fact is that the voters are staying home.

Hillary did not connect with the people, where she has lost the support of the people who are staying home.

The word “JOBS” have a major role in attracting people who were struggling to get jobs in India.

Even in the USA, Donald Trump has gained the majority of the votes because he was going to bring back the jobs that China is taking away from their people.

Almost 90% of the interviews & events, which Donald has attended include the word “JOBS and China.

The fact is that getting the young aged 20 – 30 is easy because JOBS are indeed a big issue in many countries.

There has been an issue which is a major problem in many countries that the people are not voting.

The medium has also used to make the young, and eligible voters get out of the house and leave the comfort zone to vote.

In the political campaign, it is mandatory that majority of the people are getting their siblings, relatives, and young people vote on the day.

Even in India, the Modi Jee 2014 PM Election Campaign Strategies included targeting the young audience, where the BJP has targeted using a slogan “Ache din ane wale hai.

Fulfilling the promises is a different subject, where Mr.Modi has promised to give 10 million jobs within a matter of years but unfortunately, only 500,000 new jobs created.

Both candidates (Trump and Modi) used the JOBS as a backbone to get young men and women on the platform.

6. Door to Door Strategies

Door to Door Strategies

There is no proof that the old ways are no longer effective. Trump did a good job at it.

In this case, Donald Trump has organized many events in various cities and small towns, where he has spoken to the people who he will do for them.

How does the process work?

  1. Selecting the right place – Donald has selected the places where there are young people who are looking for JOBS, Security, Decrease crime, and more.
  2. Instead of sending the staff, the main candidate has reached the homes of people to have a pleasant According to the researched, those who reach the people door to door have higher chances of getting votes from the people.
  3. These parties do their homework by going to local election authority to meet the people who are on the list. In simple words, they only reach to those people who are eligible to vote in the county or district.
  4. The candidate does not do all of the work. The candidate has a staff, who ring the bell, greet the voters, and when they are prepared to talk, that is when the candidate is allowed to talk. It saves time and energy for the candidate.
  5. In election campaign In India, most of the candidates visit the houses of voters once in a week to ensure that they have the support of the people. To maintain the information about the candidate the political Advertising Marketing comes in handy, the staff hands over pamphlets and booklets which includes information.

There is no doubt that a personal visit from the Mayor, MLA and, Senator candidate does add tremendous value to the election campaign In India.

7. Audience poll

Audience poll

Nowadays we see audience poll on the various platform to find out who is going to win the election.

The audience poll also tells the performance of the political Advertising Marketing standing in the election campaign In India.

Even in the USA, many people who have a massive following on Twitter or Facebook have used the option of polling to learn about the current winning candidate.

However, it is not accurate because the poll is online and anyone can hit on the button.

According to the research conducted by a team of professionals said that only 20% audience poll has a valid voter ID card.

No matter what the results are in the audience poll because the people who have valid voters card will be under the impression that the candidate has the support of the people.

So, the new audience who does not know the candidate will start searching for more information about the candidate and having a best political Website will lead to one more vote on the side.

8. Bulk SMS As You Greeting Message

Bulk SMS As You Greeting Massage

In the political election campaign salutation, technology plays a crucial part because of it a trend and most powerful device on the earth right now.

In political Advertising Marketing, it is important for the company to ensure that the people do not forget the name of the candidate and his goals.

Every individual in the country has a competition, obstacles, and objectives, which is called LIFE.

In the busy life of a person, the chances of forgetting the candidate information are extremely high.

To get rid of this gap the marketing firm has to keep reminding the person on a daily basis.

The firms organize a team of creative people, who can think of most entertaining and funny messages.

Greeting text is just a theory because the election campaign is now using the modern ways to connect with the voters.

For example,

Reminding the people over and over about the election day is the most common method used by the politicians nowadays.

However, one of the election campaigns In India sent a greeting text, which had

  • “Dekha hai Pahali bar, Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar.”
  • “One one Lolipop, BJP is On the Top.”

The creativity of the Indian firms is on PRO-level.


All dots connect with each other, what do you think about the role of Digital Marketing for Political Campaign Strategies in your country? A simple strategy is not enough but if one wants to promote himself, then a huge firm is needed with huge investment is needed.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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