What operating systems is Best for Dedicated Server?

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What operating systems is Best for Dedicated Server?

Dedicated web hosting is a powerful server for websites, and it can handle one million hits per day without any issues. Dedicated server are an important aspect of the website including operating systems. Every server in existence requires software to manage the server, and operating system enables advanced options and functions to manage the website.

What is an Operating System in a Dedicated Server?

The phrase “operating system” reminds everyone of Windows OS and other third-party software. Yes, software companies develop a wide-range of desktop environment for different requirements. You must have heard of Windows Server 2019, and it is meant for the servers.

List of Dedicated Server OS

However, YouStable and other reputed similar companies offer different server environment. YouStable is offering dedicated web hosting server’s packages, and we will list down OS options for you.

Ubuntu LTS: Ubuntu is a popular Linux based operating system for computers and servers. No one can deny that it is one of the best Linux OS in the market today. We have tested Ubuntu and its light versions as well. It is lightweight compared to Windows and lowers the cost of maintenance.

Debian: The second popular Linux OS in the market and Debian packages are very secure and powerful at the same. It does not add extra load on the server, and the resources are not stressed. It is an excellent combination of security and performance.

Cloud Linux: It is an expensive solution in our option, but it offers features & performance that no one can match.

CentOS:  It is an enterprise-class and community-supported operating system specifically designed for home computers and servers. Frequent updates and low resource hungry software is an excellent option for tight-budget customers.

Security and Performance

No expert in the industry will deny that Linux based OS is not easy to breach and comprise the security. Yes, it is one of the secure operating system available in the market for free of cost. Linux operating systems managed by the open-source community and users will get frequent security updates.

I have tested Ubuntu-based operating systems, and they consume moderate resources, thus, leaving a huge chunk of server for other purposes. Overall, it cuts down the price of the upgrade by consuming less in the first place.

Bottom Line

Windows Server OS increases the cost of maintenance and Dedicated Server web hosting package price as well. Windows Dedicated Server Software has more virus, malware, adware, spyware, and Ransomware threats than Linux based system. Let us know your opinions on Windows Server OS and others by contacting us.

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